Walking Dead Season 7 Episode 11: Hostiles and Calamities

From CBR In “The Cell,” Negan and Dwight tried — and failed — to break Daryl. Despite isolating him in solitary confinement, feeding him gruel, and torturing him with saccharine pop music, Mr. Dixon remained resolute, eventually escaping and making his way back to The Alexandrians. The words “We are Negan” never escaped from his […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Midseason Premiere

From CBR At this point, a mostly low-key premiere of “The Walking Dead” (midseason or otherwise) is a bold move. That’s because we’ve been trained to expect there to be a major character death or huge event every time the show returns — something AMC doubled down on in last season’s premiere. At seven years in, […]

Steven Yeun Should not be Auditioning for 5 Line Roles

From Geeks of Color Last month on Tigerbelly, a podcast featuring comedian Bobby Lee and his best friend Khalyla, Lee spoke about a recent audition he went to read for. The project was a “stoner movie” and the role was a small one with 5 lines. To Lee’s dismay, he ran into actor Steven Yeun […]