Award Winners For Exemplary Women Will Be Announced At 4th Annual Women in STEM Conference

Thirteen outstanding women leaders from around the globe will be recognized for groundbreaking achievements that narrow the gender gap in STEM. The 4th Annual Global Women in STEM Conference (WiSTEM) announces the winners of its 2017 Awards for Exemplary Women. These awards identify and applaud women executives in various streams of STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and […]

Former Georgia Tech Football Player Creates Visionary Worlds Of Black Action Heroes

“In order to make an impact there must first be a difference in the way we think about and represent our culture.  We don’t need to follow what most people consider main stream.  We must create our own brands within society. ” Keith Jett Keith Jett (FKA Gary Keith Brown II) has launched a new […]

ESPforMe Launches First Brain Computer Interface For iPhone

Brainwaves Are The Future of Branding ESPforMe launched its new iOS app, offering technology directly to consumers that has previously existed only in the realm of the imagination, using brainwaves to perform search, and next generation AI to build relationships. The application functions like a search engine, albeit with an Ouija-style digital crystal ball. An […]