Cell Signaling Technology Fosters Discussion of Epigenetic Regulators in Human Disease

Photo source LabRoots will host the educational webinar September 19, where attendees will discover novel approaches toward the identification of small molecule therapeutics for this class of human tumors. The team at Cell Signaling Technology has arranged for two speakers for this two-part educational webinar, in which attendees will learn about the assembly and topological architecture of mammalian SWI/SNF […]

The Scientist Who Keeps Science Fiction Real

From Inverse As an executive producer on SyFy’s The Expanse, Naren Shankar helps to steer the spaceship Rocinante through the asteroid belt and beyond, a sci-fi journey that began, for him, in real laboratories. He’s been writing TV for nearly three decades — he began on Star Trek: The Next Generation in 1992 — but […]

What The Expanse Can Teach Us About How Life in Space Will Change Our Bodies

From io9 There’s a reason Syfy’s thrilling series The Expanse has collectively won our space geek hearts: it’s jam-packed with drama, microgravity fights, and of course, dazzling trips across the solar system. But one of the most fascinating—and relevant—aspects of the show is its exploration of how our bodies will change as we settle down […]