The Transfiguration – A Vampire Horror Movie

From Collider Some wells never seem to run dry. Cinema has embraced the vampire myth since folks started putting images on film, making monsters out men and embracing the carnal elements of blood-sucking lore to explore humanity’s complicated relationship with our own mortality and lusty instincts . . . Continue reading

4 OMG ‘The Walking Dead’ Moments and 3 Burning Questions from the Season Finale [Spoilers]

From TooFab [Spoilers] First thing’s first: Damn garbage people. Ever since Negan made ground beef of Glenn and Abraham in the premiere, Season 7 has been all about building an army against the Big Bad and his battalion of Saviors. It took 15 episodes for Rick to get the recruits and ammo he needed — […]

Dig Two Graves – In Theaters 03.24.17

From Movie Insider After 13-year-old Jacqueline Mather (Samantha Isler) loses her brother in a mysterious drowning accident she is soon visited by 3 moonshiners who offer to bring her brother back to life, but at a grim cost. As the dark history of her grandfather, Sheriff Waterhouse (Ted Levine) is unearthed, the true intentions of […]