Robots, Aliens, Corporate Drones – Who Will Be the Citizens of the Future?

From The Conversation In the 1940s, science fiction author Olaf Stapledon gave a talk to a school about the future. Addressing his audience as “you citizens of the future”, he proposed three visions for this future: the “destruction of the human race”, a “worldwide police state”, and “an entirely new kind of human world”  . […]

William Gibson’s The Gernsback Continuum

The Gernsback Continuum is a 1981 short story by cyberpunk author William Gibson, published in the anthology Burning Chrome and in Mirrorshades, edited by Bruce Sterling. With some similarity to Gibson’s later appraisal of Singapore for Wired magazine in Disneyland with the Death Penalty, as much essay as fiction,[it depicts the encounters of an American photographer […]