BecomingTia: Tips and Tricks of Surviving a Comic Con Alone

As someone who travels to many comic-cons on my own, I can really appreciate BecomingTia’s suggestions about how to enjoy attending one on your own. It can be daunting at first–the crowds, panels, celebrity signings, and the exhibits. But when you relax, you’ll find nice people who share your interests in comics, cosplay, and other […]

Niobe: She is Life, She is Death

During the Los Angeles Comic Con 2018, I talked with Sebastian Jones, president of Stranger Comics,  a group of artists who develops and aggregates comic content that’s targeted for multimedia platform franchises. Stranger Comics groups its content in three categories: Stranger Comics, Asunda, and Stranger Kids.  Stranger Kids targets children and offers entertaining lessons about self-esteem and self-acceptance. […]