Niobe: She is Life, She is Death

During the Los Angeles Comic Con 2018, I talked with Sebastian Jones, president of Stranger Comics,  a group of artists who develops and aggregates comic content that’s targeted for multimedia platform franchises. Stranger Comics groups its content in three categories: Stranger Comics, Asunda, and Stranger Kids.  Stranger Kids targets children and offers entertaining lessons about self-esteem and self-acceptance. […]

San Francisco Comic Con 2017: Peter Capaldi Q&A and more

Here is a compilation of some of our broadcasts from SFCC 17. Go to the Nayah Sci FI twitter page for all the great photos! Peter Capaldi Q&A San Francisco Comic Con Checking out some floor exhibits — nayahgram (@nayahscifi) September 1, 2017 Talking with some cosplayers — nayahgram (@nayahscifi) September 1, 2017 Dance off […]

12-Year-Old Florida Author Releases Debut Children’s Book

In my life, I’ve learned the important lesson that you must never abandon your friends, no matter what – and that’s the message I hope to impart through ‘The Kingdom of the Lizards.’ A Naples-based middle schooler has released her first fiction book – an entertaining children’s tale that centers around a young, nature-loving girl […]