Zig Zag Claybourne – Man Of Intrigue

Sci Fi & Fantasy Author Zig Zag Claybourne writes stories that are quite frankly, “chicken soup” for the dark part of humanity’s soul. His narratives boldly examine the nature of mankind, and the probable outcomes of our societal failings. His latest masterpiece, ‘The Brothers Jetstream Leviathan‘ is an action packed thriller, that bears witness to […]

003: Nicky Drayden – Fresh And Fearless!

    Nicky Drayden Photo Credit:  William Ting Nicky Drayden is a masterful and talented author, who brings a fresh and fearless voice to the world of sci fi and fantasy. Her collection is extensive and includes thought provoking titles such as, ‘Antimatter Is A Girls Best Friend’ and ‘No More Gold Stars‘, to crossing […]

Brandon M. Easton – Legends Do Live!

  Brandon M. Easton is a prolific comic book author and screenwriter. His name graces such comic works as, ‘Andre The Giant‘, ‘Roboy‘, ‘Arkanium‘, and ‘Transformers Deviations‘ just to name a few. His television credits include, a 2017 ‘Thundercats‘ episode, and teleplays for the hit TV series, ‘Agent Carter‘. Brandon also recently received a Glyph […]