Black Lightning: The Return From Crisis

Black Lightning | Season 3 | Episode 10 : “Blessings and Curses Reborn”
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KBear Recap [Read  time: 5-7 min]

“I traveled to an alternate dimension. I met other meta humans, a kid named Flash. Gambi, Superman is real. We saved humanity.” Jefferson Pierce

Comic Panels: Jennifer Pierce/Lightning (China Anne McClain) in a trench coat. Barron/TC (Christopher Emannuel) breaking into Gambi’s shop; Jennifer using her powers; Jefferson/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) finding Lynn’s (Christine Adams) Green Light; Anissa/Blackbird (Nafessa Williams) rallying the troops.

Jefferson is flying back home, talking to Peter Gambi (James Remar) on comms. Gambi doesn’t respond. Jefferson keeps talking, “I traveled to an alternate dimension. I met other meta humans, a kid named Flash. Gambi, Superman is real. We saved humanity.” Jennifer’s falling in the white void calling for help. Jefferson asks Gambi where his family is, Gambi still doesn’t respond so he uses his electrical powers to locate them. Jennifer continues falling and pleads to anyone who can hear her, “I promise if I ever make it back, I’m going to stop Odell.” As she keeps falling, and thinking about her family she adds, “Tell’em I love them.” Jennifer materializes on Anissa’s porch. Jefferson lands right after her. Anissa’s not home and Lynn’s gone. After Jefferson finds out she is okay, Jennifer tells him he was right about Odell and she has to kill him. Jefferson wants Gambi to examine her suit first. When they get to the sanctum, Jefferson tells Gambi about alternate dimensions. Jefferson: “This is going to be hard to believe. Jenn and I were in alternate dimensions.” Gambi: “What? How?!  [Laughs] When?” Jefferson: “We just got back.” Gambi: “I have no memory of you being gone.” Jefferson: “Right, that’s because there’s no longer any multi-dimensions. Each world, each dimension was wiped out one-by-one until there was nothing left. And then one world, one dimension, was created. We don’t have time to get into this right now because Jenn wants to kill Odell.” He detects antimatter on them and believes it’s possible. Jefferson asks about Anissa and Lynn. Anissa’s in the tunnels and she needs help. Jefferson’s leaving to help her. Jennifer changes clothes, leaving to find Lynn at Bowman College. Jennifer asks Gambi how he knows where they are, is he tracking them, he admits he is, instead of throwing a hissy fit like everyone thought she would [me], she hugs Gambi and thanks him. Jefferson thanks him too.

Agent Percy Odell (Bill Duke) is in his office with Major Grey (Kathy O’Brian), the ASA have taken major damage. Commander Williams is alive but still severely injured. Grey reports they can’t find Jennifer. Odell orders the detainees brought to the Pit. Grey tells him they haven’t been able to stabilize the kids. He doesn’t want to hear that and yells at Grey to get it done.

Lynn [talking to herself]: “My side effects are increasing. Hallucinations, agitations, sweats, dry mouth. I’m going to tweak the dosage and see…” Jennifer: “Mom…” Lynn drops the vial and it breaks. Lynn: “No! Dammit! Look what you made me do, little girl! That was all I had! That was all I had!” [Sobbing on the floor.] Jennifer realizes what is happening and looks disturbed.

DC TV Black Lightning Statue
DC TV Black Lightning Statue

Anissa is in the tunnel and she immediately gets surrounded by ASA goons with electric batons. Anissa beats most of them, but some other ASA goons train their guns on her. Black Lightning fries them. Jefferson hugs her and tells her how worried he was. Anissa not remembering past events doesn’t understand why he’s being so emotional. She tells him to get his head in the game, they have to go to Garfield.

Major Grey walks into the lab where Dr. Matthew Blair (Brandon Hirsch) is working. She asks him how he is progressing. She isn’t satisfied with his results and tells him this shouldn’t be this hard, just do what Dr. Stewart was doing. He tells her he watched what Lynn did, but he isn’t her. Lynn didn’t leave any notes behind.  Dr. Blair: “My mode only accounts for a 60% rate of success.” Major Grey: “Can you get it to 80%?” Dr. Blair: “I think so. But that’s still 20% dead.” Major Grey: “Acceptable loss. When you get to 80% let me know.” She storms out and he gives her a dirty look behind her back.

“Peter, you’re a dead man, huh.” TC

TC is trying to get into Gambi’s tailor shop but the security system won’t let him in. TC: “Your being a rude system.” TC convinces the security system to show him how to get in. Gambi has a spare key hidden in a brick. TC and the security system keep arguing about TC being there, but he gets the system to let him into the sanctum. TC goes over to a computer and sees Gambi’s obit. Gambi walks in holding his gun, but realizes who his intruder is. TC: “Peter, you’re a dead man, huh.”

Jennifer sits quietly while Lynn tries to explain herself. The lab starts shaking, Lynn asks if it’s an earthquake. Jennifer tells her no; it’s Brandon a friend of hers. Lynn asks how she can be sure, Jennifer reminds her that Freeland isn’t on a fault line. Jennifer needs the cure to stabilize him. Lynn says, “Terrankiesis.” She gives Jennifer a dose to give Brandon. Jennifer asks her to come with her to administer it to him, Lynn tells her she has to finish up there. Jennifer leaves disappointed; Lynn looks mournfully at the Green Light on the floor.

Jefferson and Anissa are in the tunnels when the shaking begins. He thinks it could be a Markovian attack, she thinks it could be the ASA.; they are gassing up their vehicles to move the detainees to the Pit. Jefferson is going to check on Jennifer and Lynn, Anissa continues to the meeting at Garfield. He contacts Jennifer to see if she and Lynn are alright. Jennifer says she is and she is going to stop the earthquakes, Jefferson is confused. She asks him to check on Lynn, she needs his help. Jennifer makes it outside Brandon’s apartment, Odell is trying to call her and she ignores him. Jennifer finds Brandon lying on the floor convulsing. She injects him with the stabilization cure and the rumbling stops. Jefferson arrives at Lynn’s lab but she’s gone. He sees the Green Light spillage on the floor. He asks Gambi to track Lynn, she’s at the house.

TC explains how he found Gambi. He came there because the ASA is going door-to-door looking for metas and he’s afraid he’ll end up back in a pod. TC can’t breathe, he is having an anxiety attack. Gambi calms him down and tells him he has a spare room in his apartment upstairs, TC can stay there as long as he likes.

“I can think four times faster. I can see problems in multidimensions. It’s how I…it’s how I found the stabilization cure. It’s how I cured the meta Ebola. And I’m not addicted.” Lynn Pierce

Lynn is tearing through the bedroom looking for more Green Light. Jefferson walks in on her and asks if she’s okay. She finds it and even though she looks like death Lynn tells him she’s fine. She goes into the bathroom to take it but Jefferson bursts in and takes it from her. He asks how long she’s been taking it, and if she’s an addict. Lynn accuses him of being the addict, being addicted to his powers and hurting others. He tells her this isn’t about him but about her. He asks if this her excuse, if he can do it so can I. Lynn: “I don’t need an excuse. That is medicine. And I’m not just saving the people of Freeland, I am saving the world.” Jefferson: “What?” Lynn: “I can think four times faster. I can see problems in multidimensions. It’s how I…it’s how I found the stabilization cure. It’s how I cured the meta Ebola. And I’m not addicted.” Jefferson tosses the Green Light in the toilet and Lynn slaps him. He is shocked, but he gets a phone call from Chief Bill Henderson (Damon Gupton), they need him now. He tells him he’s coming, while he’s talking to Henderson, Lynn is trying to retrieve the Green Light from the toilet. Jefferson stops her and she pushes him away. She runs out of the bathroom with Jefferson pursuing her. He slips and slides down the stairs. Henderson calls and asks him where he is, they need him before those kids end up in body bags. Jefferson has to let Lynn go.

Major Grey is back in the lab with Dr. Blair. Sergeant Grayle (Boone Platt) is awaiting orders. Major Grey tells him to pick up Jennifer Pierce. He tells her he’ll need to find a second in command since Travis just recently had surgery. She tells him Travis is fine, Specialist Travis (Diego Ward) walks in. Grayle is surprised but Travis looks okay so he and Travis leave. In the back of Travis’ neck is a control chip. Dr. Blair looks pleased with his work. Major Grey notices and threatens him that if he continues looking smug and can’t stabilize the detainees, she’ll knock his teeth in. He knows she means it. Major Grey orders him to prepare a control chip for Jennifer.

Blackbird is already giving the briefing when Black Lightning walks in. Henderson wants to know what Black Lightning needs from them. He takes over the briefing. Blackbird asks to speak to him. Jefferson wants her to go on this mission as Thunder. It’s clear he isn’t crazy about Blackbird since she robs drug dealers and other actions. Anissa: “I need to lead this. Black Lightning is not the face of this resistance.” Jefferson: “Who said it was?” Anissa: “You did. The moment you came in and just took over. Now, I know you’ve done this a million times, but I am running this.” Jefferson: “I didn’t just take over. Henderson asked for my advice and I gave it.” Anissa: “Well, I have everything under control until you came in with your “male privilege” and pushed me aside.” Jefferson: “Male privilege? What are you talking about? I’m your father. This isn’t about you.” Anissa: “Yes, this is about me.” Jefferson: “No! If you get this wrong, people die.” Anissa: “Yes, Dad, I know that! And I also know that this is hard for you but I’m so much more than just your daughter and Thunder, and you need to see that. I am a leader and I can handle myself.” Jefferson tells her a lot of people are counting on her. She understands that and she needs his backing. He begrudgingly gives it to her.

TC’s listening to old school hip hop when the security system leads him where Gambi keeps his armory. TC: “Damn Peter who the hell are you. [Sees Black Lightning and Thunder suits] Black Lightning! Thunder! Oh, man!” Gambi: “You shouldn’t be in here.” TC: “Your system wanted to show it to me.” Gambi: “It likes you better than me.” TC: “No. Nah uh. It loves you.” Gambi tells TC it’s a secret and he can’t tell anyone. TC promises not to tell anyone. He thinks it’s cool that not only does Gambi help metas, but he makes Black Lightning and Thunder’s suits. He asks if Gambi can make him one, Gambi smiles and says maybe someday. TC thinks they should find out who tried to kill him. Gambi tells him they paid with Bitcoin and the block chains are hard to crack. TC assures him he can crack them.

Jennifer stares into space and Brandon asks her what’s wrong. She says nothing but Brandon tells her people say that when something is wrong. Odell tries to call her again and she throws her phone on the ground. Brandon asks what’s going on with her, she dances around the issue. Before she can actually tell him anything both are hit by a tranquilizer gun.

“Tonight we stand for the future of Freeland. We stand with those babies who’ve been locked in cages. Tonight we set them free to go home to their families. We set them free, so Freeland can be free for all of us. No men, no women, and no children will be left behind. Freedom for Freeland!” Anissa Pierce

Anissa gives the resistance a pep talk. Blackbird: “Tonight we stand for the future of Freeland. We stand with those babies who’ve been locked in cages. Tonight we set them free to go home to their families. We set them free, so Freeland can be free for all of us. No men, no women, and no children will be left behind. Freedom for Freeland!” Crowd chants: “Freedom for Freeland! Freedom for Freeland! Freedom for Freeland!” Jennifer and Brandon are in the back of an ASA prison truck with control collars, Grayle and Travis are in the front. Jennifer wakes up and tries to short circuit her control collar. Grayle is suspicious of Travis, he has been acting strange. Jennifer short circuits her control collar and short circuits Brandon’s. Grayle sees the control chip in Travis neck and stops the truck. Jennifer and Brandon hop out of the truck but ASA vehicles are behind them. Jennifer and Brandon fight the ASA agents. Travis gets out and shoots at Jennifer but with her body completely electrified, the bullets go right through her. Grayle tackles Travis and Brandon and Jennifer escape. The bus with the detainees pulls up to the Pit. Kyrie disguised as a construction worker spots them and radios Henderson that the kids have arrived. The police arrive and Black Bird breaks through a wall to get into the facility. The police and the ASA shoot it out, the ASA troops outside the Pit surrender. Blackbird fights some ASA troops and Black Lightning helps her. They gather the kids. They try to decide which way to go. Blackbird: “I say go left.” Black Lightning: “We need to go right. [Thinks about it a second] Left it is. Let’s go.” ASA goons show up at their right. Black Lightning takes them out. Black Lightning: “Good thing we didn’t go right.” Black Lightning takes out the rest of the goons and everyone gets out.

TC is working on finding the person who ordered the hit on Gambi. He tells TC to take a break. It’s not healthy to get lost in technology. TC doesn’t understand. Gambi: “To live life, you need to connect with people. Take care of yourself.” He tells him how being with the Pierces helped him with his humanity. TC: “What if I prefer machines.” Gambi: “TC, you need humans to have humanity. And you need humanity to be a whole person.” TC stomach grumbles, Gambi chuckles and leaves to fix him a sandwich.

Jefferson and Anissa discuss the success of the mission. Jefferson: “I’m proud of you.” Anissa: “Thanks.” Henderson: “Aw ain’t that sweet.” Jefferson: “Oh, shut up.” Henderson” “Oh, yeah it is.” TC is still trying to find the person who put the hit on Gambi. He strains himself and faints. A picture pops up on the computer, it’s Lady Eve (Jill Scott). Jefferson goes home and sees the mess Lynn made. Jennifer and Brandon are hiding behind a stack of wood, Jennifer is waiting for Odell. His car pulls up. Jennifer emerges and tells him she is through. She tries to electrocute him. Brandon: “Whoa. That’s a hologram.” Agent Odell: “This isn’t over young lady.” Odell’s car drives away.” Brandon: “Who’s that?” Jennifer: “The devil.”

KBear Review [Read time: 1-3 minutes]

Jefferson returns from his adventures in Crisis on Infinite Earths, Jennifer returns from her time in the void seeing alternative Jennifer’s. She learned that Agent Odell is evil and she has to stop him. Her idea of stopping him is killing him, it looks like she hasn’t learned her lesson from being obsessed with killing Tobias Whale last season. Jefferson tells Gambi what happened, Gambi doesn’t remember any of the incidents, but he detects antimatter on both Jefferson and Jennifer so he believes them. He advises them that since this is a new universe, somethings might have changed, so don’t tell anyone what happened. Jefferson goes to rescue Anissa in the tunnels while Jennifer leaves to check on Lynn. Her mother is trying to make a new batch of Green Light, but when Jennifer enters, Lynn drops the vial of Green Light. The good doctor loses her $h!t and Jennifer finds out her mother is a junkie. Jennifer is upset but maintains her composure. The earth starts shaking and Jennifer quickly realizes it is Brandon. She gets a dose of the stabilization cure and injects Brandon with it, ending the quakes. They are later captured by the ASA. Before she helps Brandon, she tells her dad to check on Lynn. He goes to Lynn’s lab at Bowman College and finds the spilled Green Light on the floor. When he gets home, he finds Lynn tearing up their bedroom looking for some Green Light she had hidden. He and Lynn get into a vicious fight, and Lynn hits and pushes Jefferson. She has totally lost her mind. Jefferson is forced to let her go to attend a meeting on rescuing the meta kids. Anissa is conducting the meeting, but when Jefferson shows up Henderson asks what he needs to complete the mission. Jefferson takes over the meeting, but Anissa asks him to go to the hallway where she objects to him taking over. He expresses his dislike for Blackbird but she tells him Black Lighting isn’t the face of the résistance. Jefferson backs down and lets Anissa lead the mission. The mission is a success and they rescue the kids. Brandon and Jennifer escape from ASA confinement. Jennifer waits for Odell to kill him. It isn’t him in the car, but a hologram. While all of this is going on TC, with the assistance of Gambi’s security system, breaks into the tailor shop. He finds the sanctum and discovers that Gambi is supposed to be dead. He came to Gambi’s to hide from the ASA who are going door-to-door looking for metas. Gambi lets TC stay. TC finds out that Gambi works with Black Lightning and Thunder, he’s thrilled. He helps Gambi find out who put the hit on him, it was Lady Eve, she’s alive!

A lot happened in this episode but they did a good job of not letting the episode be cluttered or drag. Great performance from Christine Adams as the unhinged Lynn Pierce. She showed another side of Lynn and it isn’t pretty. Her confrontation with Jefferson was ugly and upsetting the way it should be. The action set pieces were great, with the tunnel fight between Blackbird and the electric baton twirling ASA goons and the rescue mission at the end of the episode. Both scenes were exciting and well-choreographed. All of the characters were well served and it was a great way to come back from the Crisis crossovers. Let’s see what the rest of the season brings.

The songs were excellent as usual. The episode begins with Travis Scott’s Through the Late Night while Black Lightning is flying home.

When Blackbird is in the tunnel battling ASA goon with electric batons, Final Form from Sampa the Great plays.

Microphone Fiend by Eric B. & Rakim plays while TC breaks into Gambi’s tailor shop.

TC listens to Fresh is the Word by Mantronix when the system shows him Gambi’s armory. I just realized for TC this isn’t old school hip hop, he was probably listening to this before he was put in the pod in the 80s.

During the long sequence of Anissa firing up the résistance, Jennifer and Brandon escaping from the ASA and the résistance rescuing the kids, Zombie from Fela Kuti plays in the background.

The last scene when Jefferson tells Anissa he is proud of her and Jennifer tries to kill Odell, Lucky by Choker plays.

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