Crisis On Infinite Earths: Legends of Tomorrow

Crisis on Infinite Earths : “Part V”
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KBear Recap [Read  time: 5-7 min]

“I wasn’t there both times. Both times I failed him….He was my brother.” John Diggle

We’re still at the Dawn of Time, when Kara Danvers/Supergirl (Melissa Benoist) wakes up at home. She’s confused and thinks it must have been a dream. Her sister Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) joins her. Alex doesn’t remember anything about the end of the universe. Kara has to cover a Nobel Peace Prize Ceremony. She joins her collogue Nia Nal/Dreamer (Nicole Maines). Lex Luthor (Jon Cryer) is the recipient. Kara: “Nia, am I still dreaming?” At the DEO Alex tells Kara that Lex is considered the best guy in the world. J’onn J’onzz/Martian Manhunter (David Harewood) shows up and assures Kara that everything she remembers happened. The Paragons can remember what happened but the rest of the world can’t. They get an alert and Kara decides to check it out. A villain that Kara isn’t familiar with, Weather Witch (Reina Hardesty) is ready to fight her when Barry Allen/Flash (Grant Gustin) shows up. He quickly defeats her, she is one of his villains. Both Barry and Kara are surprised to see each other in there world. An autograph seeker (Marv Wolfman) tells them they fight together all the time. They and the other superheroes have been fighting together forever.

Some maintenance workers in Central City find Nash Wells/Pariah unconscious in a tunnel. In Star City, Sara Lance/White Canary (Caity Lotz) feels confused and joins Ray Palmer/Atom (Brandon Routh) at the bar they were at before the battle began. He doesn’t remember anything that has happened, J’onn joins them and tells Sara what she remembers was real. The Paragons are the only ones who remember what happened since they helped start the new world. J’onn has been restoring the memories of the other heroes and restores Ray. Sara asks about Oliver and J’onn tells her he hasn’t been seen. Sara goes to the Green Arrow bunker and finds John Diggle/Spartan (David Ramsey), Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog (Rick Gonzalez), and Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy) in tears. Oliver is still dead. Diggle and Sara talk. Diggle: “He died twice Sara.” Sara: “Yeah.” Diggle: “I wasn’t there both times. Both times I failed him….He was my brother.” Nash is in Star Labs being taken care of by Caitlin Snow/Killer Frost (Danielle Panabaker). J’onn walks in and is angry to see Nash. Caitlin doesn’t understand until he restores her memory, Nash was the one who let the Anti-Monitor in our universe. J’onn restores his memory and he is thankful they corrected his mistake. Kara and Barry walk into the bunker to confirm that they are all on the same Earth now. They are saddened when they find out Oliver is still dead and sacrificed himself for everyone. They get an alert. Beebo is rampaging.

“This is a classic crossover move. We tell’em we’re too busy, they commit a felony.” Nate Heywood

The rest of the superheroes are confused about Beebo, but Sara explains it’s something the Legends deal with. Sara contacts Ava Sharpe (Jes Macallan) and Nate Heywood (Nick Zano). Ava: “Sara, are you okay?” Sara: “Yeah, we’ve been busy saving the multiverse.” Nate: “You got shanghaied into another crossover, didn’t you?” Sara: “Hmm, yeah, kind of.” Ava: “Whoa, whoa. Did they kidnap you?” Nate: “This is a classic crossover move. We tell’em we’re too busy, they commit a felony.” They ask if Sara needs help, she says no and tells them to stay in D.C. They tell her one of the crew is already in Star City. Mick Rory/Heat Wave (Dominic Purcell) is in Star Central City at a book signing for his romance novel. He sees Beebo and joins Supergirl, Flash, and Atom. Kate Kane/Batwoman (Ruby Rose) shows up but only makes wisecracks away from the action. Once they attack Beebo they realize something is wrong. Sara and Mick figure out it’s a diversion. Sargon (Raul Herrera) created an illusion to rob a jewelry store. Barry and Sara stop him and Sara hits him and tells him that Beebo is off limits. The crew in the bunker wonder if this is going to be the new normal when Nash rushes in and tells them he’s detected anti-matter, the end of the universe is starting all over again.

“Family isn’t just the people that you grew up with. It’s the people you find, the ones you love, ones that make you crazy….make you smile.” Barry Allen

Barry finds Sara and they discuss how things have changed and losing Oliver. Sara: “He was just the last tether to my old life, you know? And he was the only person left who knew me when I was just…me. With him gone, my connection to this world, this place, to that tree…It’s gone.” Barry: “I know what it’s like to lose family. My mom, my dad, each death felt like there was no moving forward, like life would never be the same. And I was right it’s not the same but…somehow it’s okay. Family isn’t just the people that you grew up with. It’s the people you find, the ones you love, ones that make you crazy….make you smile.” Sara: “When did you get so wise?” They are attacked by a shadow demon. J’onn telepathically tells them the shadow demons are hunting the Paragons. Sara and Barry realize that Ryan Choi (Osric Chau) is in danger. A shadow demon is chasing him and his child. Sara arrives just in time. Back at the arrow bunker they discuss what to do to defeat the Anti-Monitor. Ryan and Ray figure out the team can destabilize him by shrinking him into the microverse forever. With Sara in charge she sends the geek team to create the shrinking device, and the rest of them will hold the line against the Anti-Monitor and his forces.

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Clark Kent/Superman (Tyler Hoechlin) and Dreamer have joined Supergirl, Wild Dog, White Canary, Martian Manhunter, Alex, Batwoman, Flash and Spartan to fight the army of shadow demons on an empty lot. The Anti-Monitor, (LaMonica Garrett) appears and says, “Paragons, the universal safeguard meant to thwart me. It is time to meet your end!” A group of shadow demons are sent to attack star labs. Heat Wave and Killer Frost are going to protect, Ray, Ryan, and Nash to give them time to create the device. A shadow demon is about to attack but Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning (Cress Williams) joins the party. Heat Wave: “Who are you?” Black Lightning: “Guy who just saved your ass.” Killer Frost: “We had that covered.” Black Lightning: “Sure you did.” [Wails of the Shadow Demons] Killer Frost: “Company’s coming. You ready?” Black Lightning: “I stay ready.” In the empty lot, the Anti-Monitor speaks again, “I am destiny incarnate, inexorable and inescapable. You are nothing. Insects fated to be crushed beneath my heel without a moment’s thought. Fighting is useless. Surrender.” Sara: “Not today. Not ever. Oliver died so that we could continue to fight. He sacrificed everything for this new world, and we will not fail him. We will not fail this world. For Oliver!” The other Superheroes in unison: “For Oliver!” They attack him but he easily defeats them. He grows into a hulking giant and says, “The age of heroes ends now.” As they fight him, Sara contacts Ray. They need the shrinking device now. He tells her they need some quick hands so she sends the Flash. Barry quickly puts together the device. The Flash grabs Ray and they leave. The Anti-Monitor has Superman, Supergirl is about to attack to free her cousin when Atom shows up. He shrinks Superman so he’d be out of the Anti-Monitor’s grasp and tosses the device to Supergirl. Atom: “Throw it like a girl.” Supergirl: “Always.” She throws it and they shrink the Anti-Monitor into nothingness. His shadow demons disappear too. Sara quietly thanks Oliver.

“In the end, there was only one single black infinitude. Then the infinitude found release. And finally, the darkness broke, filling it with life…with the multiverse.” Oliver Queen

The President of the United States (Eileen Peddle) is addressing the nation. Diggle and his wife Lyla Michaels (Audrey Marie Anderson) are on the couch while their son JJ (Marcello Guedes) draws. Their daughter Sara (Tiahra Allen) joins them. [This is the daughter who was wiped out of existence when Barry created a new timeline Flashpoint.] Kara, Alex, and Kate watch the address together. Superman gets a call from Lois Lane (Elizabeth Tulloch) to pick up some things for the boys, he’s surprised because they only had one son before the universe was rebooted. Barry and Caitlin watch it from Star Labs. Sara, Mick and Ray are with Team Arrow watching the address in the bunker. Nate and Ava are in the Waverider watching it. POTUS: “Thankfully, we were saved by Earth’s greatest heroes…their unity and strength should be an example for us all. I’m told this assembly was led by Star City’s Oliver Queen. Otherwise known as the Green Arrow. We give thanks to these brave women and men who, with great tenacity, tireless work, and the utmost courage, put their lives on the line for our country, our planet. While in a hard fought battle loss is expected. It never gets any easier, so it is with great sadness that I must inform you that Oliver Queen sacrificed his life for our world’s survival. He is known to us as the first of our heroes, and while this is a devastating loss, we can take solace in knowing that he lived as he died, with honor. I ask all of you to join me in a moment of silence to honor him now. A grateful nation thanks you Mr. Queen.” They all sadly bow their heads in silence. A voice over from Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) plays while they show other DC properties. Oliver: “In the end, there was only one single black infinitude. Then the infinitude found release. And finally, the darkness broke, filling it with life…with the multiverse. [Earth-2 Stargirl] Every existence multiplied by possibility. [Earth-12 Green Lantern Corp] And spread out before space and time infinite measure. [Earth-19 Swamp Thing] Civilizations rose and fell… [Earth-9 Titans] And rose again across reality grasping expanse. [Earth-21 Doom Patrol] Life, a precious gift, persevering in the face of every obstacle… [Earth-96 Superman] Until finally, the age of heroes was born.” [Earth-Prime] Supergirl, Flash, Superman, Black Lightning, White Canary, Batwoman, and the Martian Manhunter form the Justice League in Oliver’s honor. The old Star Lab’s research lab will be the Hall of Justice. They hear a noise, it’s Gleek from Super Friends.

KBear Review [Read time: 1-3 minutes]

Kara wakes up in the new universe they created. There are a lot of changes, like Lex Luthor being considered a great guy. No one recognizes the changes except the Paragons, since they were the ones who created the new universe. J’onn restores the other superheroes memories. Sara and Diggle mourn Oliver, because he sacrificed himself for this new universe to exist. Beebo pops up, but it isn’t really Beebo, a criminal name Sargon created the illusion to commit a robbery. Just when everyone thinks they can relax, Nash discovers more anti-matter and their war with the Anti-Monitor is about to start again. Oliver’s sacrifice helped create the new universe, but it didn’t kill the Anti-Monitor. Ryan and Ray come up with a plan to create a shrinking device to shrink the Anti-Monitor into the microverse and have him shrink forever. The heroes reassemble to fight the Anti-Monitor and the shadow demons. The Anti-Monitor is winning the fight until they use the shrinking device on him. It shrinks him into nothingness and destroys his shadow demons. The President addresses the nation to thank the heroes for saving the world again, and especially praise and mourn Oliver for his sacrifice. Oliver’s voiceover informs us that the multiverse is recreated. The multiverse are the DC shows that aren’t on the CW. Supergirl, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Flash, Black Lightning, White Canary and Batwoman form the Justice League.

Black Lightning and Legions of Tomorrow my two favorite shows in the Arrowverse. I still recap Black Lightning and if I had time would do the Legions. So it’s not surprising to me that my favorite episode in this crossover was the Legions’ episode. It felt like a Legion episode with it being kind of silly but having a lot of heart. It was nice seeing Sara be the prominent character and letting her be the leader of the superheroes in this episode. Also of all the prominent characters in the crossover, Sara has known Oliver longer and had the strongest connection to him, so her mourning of her one of her oldest friends felt truthful. I really liked the scenes between her and Diggle and Barry. Those two were also the closest to Oliver. The action was okay, I did get a laugh that they were fighting this apocalyptic battle on an empty lot. It was nice of the Anti-Monitor not to destroy any of Star City. It was a great episode to end the crossover.

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