Highlights from Los Angeles Comic Con 2019

We just completed our second LA Comic Con, and we were not disappointed.

There were tons of panels to attend. In the video below we have some images of the Steven Universe QA–– the panel dropped a few hints about Steven Universe future. They even had a jam session at the very end!

Also in the video below we have great cosplay images that represent a wide variety of sci-fi characters, including Batman, Joker, Steven Universe, and Black Clover. In addition you’ll see some candid shots of some of the celebrity guests, such as Tom Kenny, Ron Perlman, some of your favorite accountants (Oscar Nunez, Phyllis Smith , and Leslie David Baker) from The Office.

The event was very well organized. It was easy to get around the convention center to the events. And the crowds were some of the friendliest we encountered in some of the comic cons.

Can’t wait till next year!


NSF Staff