Legion: You Shouldn’t Have Come

Legion | Season 3 | Episode 7 : “Chapter 26”
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KBear Recap [Read  time: 5-7 min]

“I keep wondering if we go to the future, will they grow back.” Switch

Images from Chapter 22 flash throughout the scene; Charles Xavier (Harry Lloyd) is using Cerebro to find Amahl Farouk (Navid Negahban). Gabrielle (Stephanie Corneliussen) begs him not to leave. Charles is alone in a theatre watching a matador kill a cloth bull. Inside the bull is Charles. He sees the Yellow Eyed Devil and it says, “You shouldn’t have come.”  Charles wakes up in an airplane that is heading to Morocco. He was dreaming. When he disembarks from the airplane, a chauffeur is holding a portrait of Charles. His king, Farouk painted the portrait and sent him to pick up Charles.

David Haller (Dan Stevens) and Switch (Lauren Tsai) are in the Time Hallway. They feel dizzy and disorientated as they go further back in time. Switch is still losing her teeth. Switch: “I keep wondering if we go to the future, will they grow back.” David encourages her to keep going even though time is becoming unstable. David gets trapped but he sees Farouk back at the fortune telling booth telling him, “You decide what is real and what is not. You. Your will.” David uses his powers to free himself.

Present day Farouk is in the time between time. A placard explains his situation. “Amahl Farouk, telepath, Omega Mutant, resident of the timeline we call the present is trapped in a never ending now. Powerless to extricate himself, he is doomed to live forever frozen, unless…” Time demons begin to surround him but this dimension cracks before him. Charles is taken to Farouk’s palace. Children are running around playing and bothering a caged monkey. Farouk greets Charles with a little girl hanging on his leg. He knows everything about Charles. Present day Farouk is in a painting heading their way.

“They’re all insane you know. Babies.” Gabrielle

Gabrielle walks down the stairs and enters her front lawn where the doors are. She walks down the stairs again to see the doors. This time Sydney Barrett (Rachel Keller), Kerry Loudermilk (Amber Midthunder), and Cary (Bill Irwin) arrive. Gabriel asks Sydney if she sees the doors, Sydney tells her she does, Gabriel asks if she’s crazy, Sydney assure her she isn’t. A baby starts to cry, so Gabriel goes back inside, Sydney follows her. While she’s holding the baby, the two women continue to talk. Gabrielle: “They’re all insane you know. Babies.” Sydney: “All of them?” Gabrielle: “The way their brain works. They have no logic. If they see something, it exists, and then when it’s gone…” Sydney: “You know it’s not crazy babies that worry me. It’s the men they become.”  Sydney begins to think they are in the wrong place until she hears Gabrielle call the baby David.

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Charles and Farouk dine with his children. Farouk explains that the children are mute and orphans. As the king, he felt it was his duty to take them in. Charles approves. Suddenly Farouk takes Charles to the astral plane. Farouk: “It’s remarkable, isn’t it? A vast other dimensional realm unbound by anything but one’s imagination. I call it the astral plane. It exists between time and space. A land of the mind. Anything you can imagine you can make it real.”

It’s Charles first time in the astral plane. He uses his imagination to see Gabrielle and baby David. Farouk describes how lonely he had been being the only one like him. When Charles began searching for him, he was happy that there was someone else like him. Farouk: “What a privilege it is to see and be seen.” They go back to the palace to watch a play with the kids. Farouk narrates it, “Once upon a time, a tyrant ruled the land. He basked in indulgences as his kingdom starved. But then, from the lowliest of stations, a hero arose. With nothing but his wits and a magic phrase, he fought that beastly ruler. And the magic phrase was [In English] ‘You should never have come.’ He vanquished the tyrant! He took his riches and his kingdom and set into motion, an age of prosperity, praised by all.” In this play, Farouk is the hero who defeats the Shadow King. An apparition of David tells Charles, “Lies. Behold, the King of lies.” Charles wakes up in bed. He hears the caged monkey chattering; Charles reads its mind and is shocked to see a man screaming he was the king. David enters the room from the time door. Charles doesn’t know who this stranger is. David tells Charles he knows who he is and tells him to open his mind, Charles realizes it’s his adult son.

To keep Farouk from hearing them, David takes Charles inside his mind. He gives Charles a piece of cake that he tells Charles is Knowledge. Charles takes a bite and suddenly sees everything that has happened to David. [It’s a montage of Season 1 and 2] Charles: “My son.” David: “He wanted you to come. You thought you were looking for him, but…he was looking for you.” David warns him that he’s in a trap, but he has an advantage now, David’s here.

“And we are not going to kill this…whatever, baby David. Which would be so easy.” Kerry Loudermilk

Kerry comforts Cary, “I’ve got you old man. You rest.” She and Sydney talk. Kerry: “You’re telling me that David is a baby?” Sydney: “In this time, yes.” Kerry: “And that woman…” Sydney: “Gabrielle.” Kerry: “Is his mother?” Sydney: “Mm-hmm.” Kerry: “And we are not going to kill this…whatever, baby David. Which would be so easy.” Sydney: “Physically, not morally.” Kerry: “Because why?” Sydney: “Because he’s a baby. It’s not his fault.” Kerry: “But it will be his fault…when he’s a grown-up.” Syd [sighs]: “Maybe, probably. But we’re changing time. Right? By being here. So maybe not.” Sydney can’t save adult David, he’s too far gone, but she can save the baby, and change the person David will become. Unbeknownst to Kerry and Sydney, the time demons are there.

The next morning, Farouk is eating breakfast and greets Charles. To his surprise, David comes in dressed in an American army uniform. Charles says David is an old friend who was stationed in the area during the war and decided to stay. Farouk gets a glimpse of David’s compound. When they sit down to dine, David and Farouk stare each other down. Disco music plays and David mentally says to Farouk, “You should have never come.”  After Farouk has left, Switch walks in, teeth falling out and she faints. Charles: “David, who is this girl?” David [whispering]: “Not here.” The three of them go back inside David’s mind. Charles: “Who is she?” David: “She’s [exhales] no one. She’s a means of getting here. Of reaching you.” Charles: “Everyone is someone, David.” It sounds like people are trying to enter. Charles asks David what is going on, David shuts down. Charles goes to find out. Divad: “Daddy, is that you?” Charles: “David?” Divad: “Nope, sorry. David isn’t here right now.” DVD: “He had to go someplace quiet.” Divad: “We’re in charge now. You know what we have to do.” Charles: “No.” Divad: “Revenge!” DVD: “No, justice.” Divad: “Right, justice. We’re here for justice. Because you couldn’t protect us.” Charles: “Me?” DVD: “Daddy the leaver. The great abandoner. Who put a monster in our head and then threw us away.”  The other Davids barge in screaming, “Daddy!”  They surround Charles and he uses his mental powers to get away. Charles wakes up in bed again.

“Hold him and love him. Don’t let the monsters in. Because when he’s grown, it will be too late.” Sydney Barrett 

Sydney is holding baby David. Farouk’s kids are running around the palace. Sydney is chopping wood and talking to Gabrielle. She tells her about having lived two childhoods. Gabrielle looks at her like she’s crazy. Gabrielle: “My grandmother had the sickness. She was, uh…Spells, moods, she spoke in tongues. I remember her eyes. Miserable and giddy like…a happy death. My mother was 16 when the sickness hit her. In the witching hour she woke up laughing. Didn’t stop for 14 days.” Sydney: “You’re talking about mental illness.” Gabrielle: “Such a clinical name for something so raw.” Sydney: “It’s so odd. I never thought of that. It’s hereditary, what’s wrong with him. Why he’s like this.” Gabrielle: “Who?” Sydney: “Listen to me. This baby, this little baby. You have to love him. Okay? Like his life depends on it. Like the world will end if you don’t. Hold him and love him. Don’t let the monsters in. Because when he’s grown, it will be too late. Do you understand?” Gabrielle: “I think so…Are you really here?”  Sydney looks at the large neatly stacked wood she chopped and realizes there was another time glitch. She hears the time demons cackling.

Sydney runs inside the house to save baby David and yells to Kerry that the time demons are there. She goes to get Cary, but the time demons freeze them in place. A time demon reaches David’s room and begins to dismantle it, Syd hits the creature with a hammer, and it disperses in smoke. She tells Gabrielle they have to get out of the house. In the basement, a bunch of time demons come out of the furnace.

Switch is unconscious and calls out to her father, “Daddy, I’m scared. I need you.”  Charles looks at a levitating Farouk. David is talking to his other selves. The little girl who was hanging on Farouk’s leg asks Charles if he can make the voices quiet. He reads her thoughts and finds out that the supporters of the king that Farouk overthrew are in cages in the children’s minds. Charles goes to David. Charles: “David. You’re right, it’s my fault. I’ve been naïve. You were just a baby to me. I’m supposed to have time to…to know this, how to…how to be a father.”  He now sees that Farouk is a monster. He will help David kill him. Present day Farouk finally emerges from the picture, “What a journey I have had.”  He walks into the room where his past self is. Past Farouk sees his future self and says, “Interesting.”

Here are the Time Demons.

KBear Review [Read time: 1-3 minutes]

David and Switch have gone back to the time when Charles first met Farouk. He tells his father what is going on and wants his father to help him kill Farouk. Sydney, Kerry, and Cary show up at Charles and Gabrielle’s home and meet baby David. Kerry wants to kill the baby so he won’t grow up to become the madman they know. Sydney is against it, the lessons Oliver and Melanie taught her are kicking in. She can’t save adult David, but she can save the baby and change his fate, so he won’t grow up to become the monster he is now. David shows his monstrous side to his father with his absolute disregard for Switch who is in pain and appears to be dying. Charles finds out how monstrous Farouk is and consents to help David. Present day Farouk escapes the time between time and joins his past self. The time demons also show up gunning for baby David.

I believe David wanted to prevent his father from meeting Farouk, but he’s too late for that. So now he wants his father to help him kill Farouk. David shows his father all the damage Farouk has done to him. His father also meets David’s other personalities. So, finding out your sweet innocent baby grows up to become this guy must be heartbreaking. Charles feels guilty, and along with finding out what Farouk did to the king he overthrew and his followers, Charles consents to help his son. Sydney meets Gabrielle and finds out that David’s mental health issues are hereditary. Since they are in the past changing time, Sydney thinks they can change David’s future and save humanity. The only problem is the time demons are there and Farouk has joined his past self, I guess that is two problems.

The next episode is the series finale. This episode’s main purpose seemed to be to set up the finale. The episode was stuffed with interesting information which I’m sure will pay off, but it didn’t do much for the episode. There were nice character moments between David and Charles, Sydney and Gabrielle, and Sydney and Kerry. Farouk leaving the picture reminded me of the 50th anniversary episode of Doctor Who.

Most of the music was Middle Eastern except for the first song Contact by Brigitte Bardot. It played while Charles spoke to Farouk’s chauffer.

Bashraf Nawa Athar by Hicham Chami played when Charles arrived at Farouk’s palace.

While Charles and Farouk eat dinner, Badru Zuhur by Hassan Erraji plays.

Sama’I Nawa Athar by Hicham Chami [again] plays when Charles introduces his ‘old friend’ David to Farouk.

WOT! From Captain Sensible play during Farouk and David’s stare down.  

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