Highlights from Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019

Nayah Sci Fi had a blast at the 2019 Silicon Valley Comic Con! This year’s event lived up to the hype––with a bevy of high profile celebrity guests and fan events. We noticed an improvement in the flow and organization of the event from last year. All-in-all a smooth running event!


Because most of the attention focuses on celebrity guests, we like to highlight other events that might not get similar attention.


We saw an impressive array of cosplay throughout the comic con. Click the image below for a slideshow of all the competitors at the 2019 cosplay contest. Check out more here.







Artist Gallery

We featured dozens of artist gallery images from the Artist Alley, as you can see in our Twitter feed. Here we’re highlighting the art of the prolific and popular Terry Huddleston.

Check out his website for a full gallery of his work, many of which he featured at his artist alley exhibit.

Woman at NASA

Panelists Karen Bradford, Marie Pearson, Katherine Lee, Sarah D’Souza, and Jaya Bajpayee provide an engaging discussion about what motivated them to pursue careers at NASA; who mentored them in their lives and careers; what personal and professional barriers they’ve had to overcome; and what projects they’ve worked on that appears in current science fiction media.



Fireside Chat: Will Wright

Game designer Will Wright, the guy behind “SimCity,” provided fascinating insights about science fiction’s influence on our perception of the future, as he spoke with Fortune’s Chris Morris.








Family HQ

SVCC 2019 didn’t forget kids and families.

In the Kids Zone, Astronaut Chris Hadfield and AstroReality provided a tour of the solar system.

There was a great science fair. This year’s theme was space exploration, space travel, robotics and movement of energy.

NSF Staff