Nayah Sci Fi at Silicon Valley Comic Con 2019

Nayah Sci Fi will cover the 2019 Silicon Valley Comic Con (SVCC) at the San Jose Convention, August 16-18, in San Jose, CA. This year promises to satisfy all flavors of sci fi.

Celebrity headliners include Jason Momoa, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Ben McKenzie, Morena Baccarin, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Robert Patrick, Lou Ferrigno, Michael Biehn, and many more.

There’ll be special events such as:

A Terminator reunion






A conversation with Captain Pike (Anson Mount) from Star Trek






The Men of Gotham panel with Donal Logue and Ben McKenzie.






And we’re excited to meet Kel Mitchell from All That and Good Burgers fame.






One of the great features about SVCC is the strong representation from the science and tech world. This year features Adam Savage (Mythbusters), Will Wright (Game designer-Sims and Spore), Wendy Okolo (Aerospace engineer-NASA ), Joanne Pransky (World’s First Robotic Psychiatrist), and others from a wide variety of disciplines.

SVCC 2019 showcases the work of comic creators and artists, such as Guy Gilchrist (Nancy comic strip), Hopper Stone (Photographer Hidden Figures, Modern Family), and Eric Basaldua (Top Cow).

Last year featured some very impressive cosplay, so we’re excited to see this year’s cast of players. We’ll be front and center for the costume content and live-tweet photos!




Check our Twitter page this weekend for photos and videos from the convention floor. And we’ll post a wrap-up next week.



NSF Staff