Niobe: She is Life, She is Death

During the Los Angeles Comic Con 2018, I talked with Sebastian Jones, president of Stranger Comics,  a group of artists who develops and aggregates comic content that’s targeted for multimedia platform franchises.

Stranger Comics groups its content in three categories: Stranger Comics, Asunda, and Stranger Kids.  Stranger Kids targets children and offers entertaining lessons about self-esteem and self-acceptance. Stranger Comics features thrilling heroic titles such as, The Portent and Vampire Hunter D Message Mars, by our friend Brandon Easton.

My conversation with Sebastian centered on Asunda, a fantasy world that includes the tale of Niobe Ayutami, a young African, half-elf warrior. Niobe, as a young child, endures wicked and cruel experiences in her world. She transforms from an introspective, prayerful young girl to a fierce hunter who rights all the wrongs that afflict her and others.

Amandla Stenberg (Hunger Games, The Hate U Give) teamed up with Sebastian to write the critically acclaimed comic books from the Asunda series: Niobe, She is Life and Niobe, She is Death. Amandla and Sebastian craft a thrilling, yet, nuanced narrative of Niobe’s transformation. This collaboration is the first internationally distributed comic series with a black female author, artist, and hero.

The artwork in all of Stranger Comics’ content is high-quality, and the Niobe comic books are no exception. The layout, coloring, and overall artistry make Niobe and her world so real and vivid.

In this video, Sebastian breaks down the epic story of Niobe, She is Fire; She is Death.


Nayah Sci Fi at the 2018 Los Angeles Comic Con Oct 26-28

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