Nayah Sci Fi at the 2018 Los Angeles Comic Con Oct 26-28

Nayah Sci Fi is pleased to cover this year’s Los Angeles Comic Con (LACC) at the Los Angeles Convention Center, October 26-28.

LACC has had several incarnations–Comikaze Expo, Stan Lee’s Comikaze Expo, and Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con. 90.000 fans attended the comic con last year, and many feel attendance this year should exceed that number.

Media guests this year include, Danny Trejo, Katie Cassidy, Emilio Rivera, Kimberly Brooks, and many more! In addition to photos and autographs from your favorite celebrities, you can:

You also can see great artists and creators like Scottie Young, Rob Liefeld, Phil Ortiz, Marie Lum, Lak Lim, Sajad Shaw, and our friend, Brandon Easton.

And yes, we’ll give you a full tour of all the great exhibits too!

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Here’s some highlights from last year’s LACC!

NSF Staff