Supergirl: Who Wants to be Kara Danvers? Not Kara Danvers

Title: Supergirl Season 3 Episode 1: “Girl of Steel”
Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Science Fiction, Superhero
Platform: TV – CW
Director: James Warn
Writers: Robert Rovner and Caitlin Parrish
Rating: TV-PG
Release: October 9, 2017
Cast: Melissa Benoist, Mehcad Brooks, Chyler Leigh, Jeremy Jordan, David Harewood
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Kara Danvers (Melissa Benoist) wearing a beautiful white dress is in a field on a beautiful day; Mon-El (Chris Wood) joins her. The song “Daydreaming” is playing in the background. Her mother Alura Zor-El (Erica Durance) is ahead of them. Mother and daughter hug. Supergirl wakes up; she is floating above the city at night, listening to the despair below her in National City. She hears police sirens and heads in their direction. Her sister Alex Danvers (Chyler Leigh) and Alex’s fiancé Detective Maggie Sawyer (Floriana Lima) are chasing and shooting at a truck. The back of the truck opens, and a mercenary named Robert DuBois/Bloodsport (David St. Louis) opens fire with a high caliber machine gun. Before the worse happens, Supergirl swoops in and lets the bullets bounce off her. She fights Bloodsport and tosses him on the top of a car. The truck is heading towards a car with a family inside it. Supergirl gets in front of the family car and lets the truck hit her. The little boy thanks her, but she doesn’t give him any recognition and flies away.

“Oh come on Alex, your unrelenting seriousness is one of your best qualities.”  Hank Henshaw – Supergirl

Kara has been cold and distant to everyone, even Alex. The team: Alex, Hank Henshaw/J’onn (David Harewood), and Winn Schott (Jeremy Jordan) discusses it. Winn: “I thought it was bad when she skipped pizza night, but skipping free apps? I mean, come on. These are like the beginning of the dark days.”  Hank: “Hey, come on, grief doesn’t have a deadline.”  Winn: “Look, I know, but I mean, she goes from being little miss sunshine to, well, Alex basically.”  Alex: “What? I’m not like that.”   Hank: “Oh come on Alex, your unrelenting seriousness is one of your best qualities.”

Lena Luthor (Katie McGrath) and James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks) attend a meeting that a big real estate developer Morgan Edge (Adrian Pasdar) is conducting. He is trying to get the land at the waterfront so he can develop it; Lena and James oppose him. When he praises himself and a few others for saving the city, Lena and James both blurt out, “Let’s not forget Supergirl.” He takes a shot at the good press Lena is getting from CatCo; James says she is getting it because of all the good work she is doing to help National City recover from the Daxamite invasion. Edge says it is guilt from Lena helping to bring in the aliens.

“Morgan, you have all the charisma of a Michael Douglas movie from the ’90s.”  Lena Luthor – Supergirl

Back at CatCo, they are watching Cat Grant (Calista Flockhart) on TV. She is the new Press Secretary for President Marsdin. Kara tells James she doesn’t want to write the story about the invasion or do the ‘interview’ with Supergirl. Morgan Edge appears on TV and states that he is going to buy CatCo. Kara goes to Lena to see what she can do to stop Edge. They haven’t spent much time together. Lena thinks it is because she came up with the solution to get rid of the Daxamites, including Mon-El. Kara tells her that Supergirl made the decision to do it. Lena goes to Edge’s office to talk him out of it. Lena: “Morgan, you have all the charisma of a Michael Douglas movie from the ’90s.”  He tells her he is buying it so it can help him control the city. If she isn’t careful, he’ll use CatCo against her.

The gang is still talking about Kara. Alex admits that she misses her sister. Maggie picks up that Alex isn’t super excited about their upcoming wedding. Winn is able to identify the person Kara fought on the truck, Bloodsport. They track him to a military base. Supergirl flies off to confront him. She finds some of the soldiers knocked out. An invisible craft shoots at her. It is an invisible captured Daxamite ship. After disabling it, Kara gets an emergency call from James from the watch Superman gave him. Kara rushes over to CatCo and shows anger when she finds out he called her because she missed her deadline. He tells her it is about more than her missing her deadline, it is her withdrawing from her reporting duties. James tells her that her job as a reporter is important, that her being Kara Danvers is important. Kara replies that being Supergirl is more important. Kara: “Maybe being a reporter isn’t a good idea. I have important things to do, but not here at CatCo. … I quit!”

Hank gets on General Lane for having a Daxamite warship and not informing him. Winn determines that Bloodsport was trying to steal a cloaking device from the Daxamite ship so he can cloak an airplane. We find out that Robert DuBois works for Morgan Edge.

“I am not a human. I tried to be, but I’m not. Kara Danvers was a mistake.”  Kara Danvers – Supergirl

Alex and Kara have a serious talk about Kara’s ongoing ‘pity party’. Kara hates being Kara Danvers; she’d rather be Supergirl. Kara: “Kara Danvers sucks right now. Supergirl is great. Supergirl saved the world. So if I could choose to be her, why would I ever choose to be the sad girl whose boyfriend is gone? I don’t like that girl, Alex.” She continues, “I am not a human. I tried to be, but I’m not. Kara Danvers was a mistake.” Alex is shocked and hurt. She tells her sister, “Kara Danvers is my favorite person. She’s saved me more times than Supergirl ever could. So, just think about that while you’re trying to get rid of her.”

The ceremony for the revealing of the Supergirl statue is beginning. The DEO and National City police are on alert for Bloodsport and his cloaked plans. Kara and Hank are on a roof overlooking the event. Hank tells her that she as Kara Danvers helped save him by helping to heal his heartbreak over losing his family and people. Kara confides that she has been dreaming about Mon-El and her mom. She tells him she can’t be broken. Hank: “You have a human heart now, if you try to cut it out, you’ll lose something essential.” He assures her that she is the strongest person he knows.

Amongst the crowd, over coms, Alex and Maggie discuss Alex’s problem. Alex admits she doesn’t want a big wedding because her father can’t walk her down the aisle. Maggie promises she’ll help her through this. Winn who is listening to them over the coms is touched. They are annoyed with him. (Quit talking about your business over coms.) A preteen named Ruby (Emma Tremblay) runs into Alex. Her mom, Samantha Arias (Odette Annable) brings her back to apologize to Alex.

Lena presents the Supergirl statue and says some wonderful things about Supergirl that Kara enjoys hearing. She is about to fly down for a surprise appearance when an explosion happens and they can’t see where it came from. Kara figures out the missiles are coming from a cloaked submarine. Kara flies up in the sky and concentrates eliminating all the noise below her so that she can only hear Bloodsport’s heartbeat and locate the hidden sub. A tower falls on Ruby and her panicked mom is able to lift it off her. (How strange!) One of the missiles knocks out Supergirl; she floats in the water unconscious. Everyone tries to wake her up over coms; finally, she hears Mon-El’s voice tell her to “wake up!” Kara wakes up and shoves the next missile Bloodsport tries to launch back into the sub and lifts it out of the ocean to everyone’s relief.

Lena informs Kara that she bought CatCo so Edge can’t buy it. She wants Kara to help her run it. Kara tells her she had just quit. Edge storms into Lena’s office and threatens her. Kara excuses herself and moments later flies in as Supergirl. (Edge and Lena don’t notice this.) Kara takes him to a high row of containers on a ship to let him know that she knows he was behind the attack to destroy the waterfront so that he could buy it. He tells her she can’t prove it. Supergirl lets him know that he has her full attention now and she flies off, stranding him on the containers. Supergirl flies over the ocean where underneath in a cave, an empty spacecraft sits. When she gets home, she sends Lean a text telling her she is back onboard CatCo. Lena texts her a heart emoji.

“The biggest, gayest wedding that National City has ever seen, actually.” Alex Danvers – Supergirl

Alex walks in Hank’s office and tells him that she and Maggie are going to have a large wedding, “The biggest, gayest wedding that National City has ever seen, actually.” She asks Hank to walk her down the aisle. Hank is overwhelmed with emotions. It will be his honor. Hank will buy drinks for everyone. While everyone is at the bar celebrating, Kara walks in to join her friends.


The normally sunny Kara Danvers is in a deep funk. It is over not only having to choose to lose Mon-El to save the world, but also living with all the other losses she has experienced. Being human with all our emotions sucks, so she decides it would be better to completely embrace being an alien, and only be Supergirl. Her friends vividly disagree with her decision. They know she is hurting, but Kara Danvers is just as important as Supergirl is, and personally, Kara has done more for them. Kara comes around, but she is still struggling in the end with her human and alien sides. Unlike Clark, she grew up on Krypton and can remember her family and her life there. She came here as a young teenager and had to adjust to our planet. She is more alien than Clark is; Clark told her he couldn’t have made the decision to give up Lois like she did Mon-El. Clark meant it as a compliment to her strength, Kara feels like she could do it because she isn’t human. This is something she will battle with the whole season.

The single mom who lifted the heavy tower to save her child, wasn’t able to lift it because a surge in adrenaline helped her save her child. She was able to do it because she is the baby who took off from Krypton after baby Kal-El. She is the season’s big bad, Reign. Now she doesn’t know her past, so it should be interesting seeing her develop into the villain. Her story will probably develop like Kara’s story, both of them dealing with their alien and human selves.

The episode looked great, especially when Kara is floating in the sky in the beginning of the episode and listening to find the cloaked sub. Kara seemed more powerful this episode than she did last season. Maybe during the six months she was closed off, she spent more time developing her powers. The opening scene with Mon-El and her mother was beautiful. Both the cinematography and actions scenes were well shot. This was a strong episode to open the season with. They could have done more with the rest of the cast, but I feel like they will get to them. I hope they do a better job with James this season.

Grade: A-







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