Wearable Tech and Mobile Gaming Converge with New Interactive Visual Novel


Cast spells and craft magical elements right from your wrist!  Mighty Cast, Inc., makers of the popular customizable smartband, Nex, is proud to announce the introduction of its first “choose your own adventure” visual novel, The Mighty Maru. This is the first independent game released by the company for The Nex Band.

In the dystopian city of Nicque, a decade-long energy drought has caused mass poverty and famine and the people are ready to revolt.  Violence ensues and dissenters are wrongfully imprisoned.  You are a member of a secret society rebellion and are gifted a magical bracelet which helps you on your quest to free your imprisoned truelove.  Choose your path, solve mini-games, and use your Carpulest bracelet to unlock new magical elements and spells throughout your reading journey.  But the clock is ticking – and you only have until sunrise to stage a jailbreak or else the love of your life is gone for good.

Recipient of the prestigious Canada Media Fund award, The Mighty Maru is a visual novel specifically designed for The Nex Band.  In fact, the very idea of the band started as a prop in this magical adventure created by the multiple Emmy-Award winning co-founders.  “Nex was born out of a creative story world which is what makes it unique in wearables” explains Mighty Cast CEO, Adam Adelman.  “We wanted to share this experience with our community and allow it to be played for free whether you have a Nex Band or not”.

The Mighty Maru is a free to play visual novel and available now at the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

Montreal-based Mighty Cast develops wearable technology and software platforms that allow users to create their own customized wearable experiences and control the world around them in one touch. The company aims to disrupt the wearable space through their proprietary “When/Do” platform. Through this platform, users can create, or “hack” personal experiences in seconds. Whether it be controlling Spotify, opening your garage door, finding friends through proximity, or lighting up in celebration every time your favorite team scores, it allows users to have a new smartband every day, hour, or even minute.


NSF Staff