ESPforMe Launches First Brain Computer Interface For iPhone

Brainwaves Are The Future of Branding

ESPforMe launched its new iOS app, offering technology directly to consumers that has previously existed only in the realm of the imagination, using brainwaves to perform search, and next generation AI to build relationships.

The application functions like a search engine, albeit with an Ouija-style digital crystal ball. An in-app purchase converts the crystal ball into a brain computer interface that you can use to perform basic search and control the app.

“Brainwaves are the future of branding – the ultimate AI” says founder Scott Rummler. “Facebook, DARPA, and [Elon] Musk’s Neuralink are still in the early stages,” says Rummler. “But we have a consumer application.”

The app has already been covered in Search Engine Watch and Apple World Today.

The app also allows you to collaborate with other people’s brainwaves, in a kind of digital Séance, and is currently building a search experience that seems like something out of science fiction.

The app involves three basic steps. First, you train the headset to respond to your thoughts, which creates your own ‘branded’ brainwaves. Next, the app learns to respond to the digital signals emanating from your headset. Ultimately, you perform search in concert with other people using the app.

ESPforMe promises an extreme bleeding edge experience. Using technology that is still partly in the research lab, the app is a feat of design and engineering – using a small database of links – rather than something that will serve all of your search needs – yet.

“It’s a bit spooky when you start out,” according to Rummler. “It takes a while to get the app to work at all. It takes lots of concentration. But the first time it does work will literally blow your mind and you’ll never be the same again.”

Brainwave training is a kind of ‘mental gym’, akin to meditation, and can help improve concentration and mental sharpness. It may even help people with more serious conditions, although that has not yet been fully tested.

“ESPforMe offers a completely new way to experience search, the Web, and apps – one that is directed by your own brainpower, and freewill, rather than the accumulated efforts of busybodies,” says Rummler. “There is information out there right now that will transform your life – but it’s been censored, pushed down the list by popularity rankings. We hope to change that.”

About ESPforMe

Founded in Williamsburg, Brooklyn in 2017 by Scott Rummler, who invented messenger Laserthread and quantum stock screener BooleanGrid. ESPforMe was created to provide a new category of digital experience. The idea for the app came out of a challenge presented in Search Engine Watch.

The app is available to download for .99. Unlocking the brainwave capability requires an in-app purchase of $9.99 and an Emotiv Insight headset.

NSF Staff