RobotsNOW Brings Robotics Programs to Elementary Schools to Address National STEM Education Crisis

Photo source …the kids ask if their schools will be starting robotics clubs because they want to join. Right now, the answer is ‘no’ because the schools don’t have the funds to buy robotics equipment. Although most attention regarding the US STEM education crisis focuses on the small percentage of US college graduates earning engineering […]

Nayah Sci Fi at San Francisco Comic Con 2017

“Of course, we’re excited about our celebrity guests. They bring huge crowds because of the franchises they represent, but we never forget this is a comic book convention—that’s our main focus.” Jamie Kautzmann, San Francisco Comic Con Nayah Sci Fi is excited to bring you real-time coverage of the San Francisco Comic Con (SFCC), September 1 […]

Marvel’s The Defenders: Friends Protection Program

Title: Marvel’s The Defenders Season 1 Episode 5: “Take Shelter” Genre: Action, Adventure, Drama, Superhero Platform: Streaming – Netflix Director: Uta Briesewitz Writers: Lauren Schmidt Hissrich, Douglas Petrie, and Marco Ramirez Rating: TV-MA Release: August 18, 2017 Cast: Charlie Cox, Krysten Ritter, Mike Colter, Finn Jones Feature image: Source [Spoilers] “They say you can’t be broken, […]