Walmart Foundation Awards Grant to S.T.E.M. Community Outreach

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The Walmart Foundation awards $2,000 community grant to S.T.E.M. Community Outreach (Laurel, MS) in support of removing barriers of access and participation for youth from underrepresented populations to participate in science and engineering activities and programs.

S.T.E.M. Community Outreach has been awarded a $2,000 grant through the Walmart Foundation’s Community Grant Program in support of broadening participation of local youth in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) enrichment activities an programs. The grant specifically seeks to serve youth from underrepresented populations, including girls, Hispanics, African Americans, Native Americans, youth with disabilities, and youth of low socioeconomic status, to remove barriers of access and participation.

S.T.E.M. Community Outreach is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with a mission of equipping communities with 21st century technical and leadership skills through STEM activities and programs. This includes skills of problem solving through experimentation, critical and creative thinking, making evidence-based decisions, collaboration, adaptability, and digital literacy. Skills that are needed to power the economy and advance our society.

“We are honored and thrilled to be recommended by our local Walmart store (Laurel, MS) to receive the Community Grant award from the Walmart Foundation. All of the brilliant youth of our communities deserve the opportunity to experience STEM on a hands-on level. Unfortunately, many do not have the resources to make that happen,” said Dr. Mary Moore, Founding Executive Director of S.T.E.M. Community Outreach. “The generous funding provided to S.T.E.M. Community Outreach through the Walmart Foundation’s Community Grant Program will help us to remove this participation barrier for several deserving youth so that we can expand our reach even farther.”

Currently, S.T.E.M. Community Outreach partners with the Laurel-Jones County Library to bring quality STEM activities to the citizens of the Jones County and surrounding communities. S.T.E.M. Community Outreach also provides competitive scholarship seats to youth participating in local STEM enrichment programs. “We are always open to forming partnerships with businesses, groups, agencies, and individuals that are looking to invest in the talent of our communities,” said Dr. Moore. “These are the future scientists, doctors, bankers, technicians, engineers, and accountants that we are grooming and empowering through these programs. Our kids deserve this. They need to know that the community is here to support them, their ambitions, and their future goals.”

For more information about S.T.E.M. Community Outreach and ways to donate to our mission, please call (1-800-481-STEM) or send an email to You can also join S.T.E.M. Community Outreach on Facebook at


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