Zig Zag Claybourne – Man Of Intrigue

Sci Fi & Fantasy Author Zig Zag Claybourne writes stories that are quite frankly, “chicken soup” for the dark part of humanity’s soul. His narratives boldly examine the nature of mankind, and the probable outcomes of our societal failings. His latest masterpiece, ‘The Brothers Jetstream Leviathan‘ is an action packed thriller, that bears witness to […]

Orphan Black: Sarah and Siobhan’s Excellent Adventure

Title: “Orphan Black Season 5 Episode 4: Let the Children and Childbearers Toil” Genre: Science fiction, Biopunk, Drama, Thriller Platform: TV – BBC America Director: David Wellington Writer: Greg Nelson Rating: TV-PG Release: July 1, 2017 Cast: Tatiana Maslany, Dylan Bruce, Jordan Garvaris Feature image: Source [SPOILERS] The Island “Too many memories here.” Susan Duncan  —Orphan Black Susan Duncan (Rosemary Dunsmore) […]

[SEASON FINALE] Doctor Who: It’s Time to Stand with the Doctor- It’s the Kind Thing to Do

Title: “Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 12: The Doctor Falls” Genre: Science fiction, Drama Platform: TV – BBC America Director: Rachel Talalay Writer: Steven Moffat Rating: TV-PG Release: July 2, 2017 Cast: Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas Feature image:  Source [SPOILERS] It is a peaceful countryside with scarecrows made of pre-conversion Cybermen. (The patients in the hospital from “World […]