American Gods: A Tale of Two Women

Title: “American Gods Season 1 Episode 7: A Prayer for Mad Sweeney ” Genre: Fantasy, Drama Platform: TV – Starz Director: Adam Kane Writer: Maria Melnik Rating: TV-MA Release: June 11, 2017 Cast: Ian McShane, Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning Feature image: Source [SPOILERS]   “You have a story to tell, I can see it in your fingers.” Anubis —American Gods Anubis […]

Doctor Who: The Sun Never Sets on the British Empire (Except on Mars)

Title: “Doctor Who Season 10 Episode 9: Empress of Mars” Genre: Science fiction, Drama Platform: TV – BBC America Director: Wayne Yipp Writer: Mark Gattis Rating: TV-PG Release: June 10, 2017 Cast: Peter Capaldi, Pearl Mackie, Matt Lucas Feature image:  Source [SPOILERS] A stock photo of NASA appears. Mission Control is excited about their Valkyrie space probe orbiting […]

003: Nicky Drayden – Fresh And Fearless!

    Nicky Drayden Photo Credit:  William Ting Nicky Drayden is a masterful and talented author, who brings a fresh and fearless voice to the world of sci fi and fantasy. Her collection is extensive and includes thought provoking titles such as, ‘Antimatter Is A Girls Best Friend’ and ‘No More Gold Stars‘, to crossing […]