It’s All In Retrospect

Title: “Retrospect” (2015)
Genre: Sci Fi Drama
Platform: Amazon Streaming
Director: Royce Adkins
Writer: Royce Adkins
Rating: No Rating
Release: 2015
Cast: Gary L. Gray, Bryan Christopher, Ashley Grezbien
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It takes a special talent to squeeze a lot of information into such a short amount of time, and it just happens to be up and coming writer/director, Royce Adkins’, well practiced expertise. All of the right components are included in this story, to poignantly express a complete cycle of the 5 stages of grief. This film manages to cover them all in a mere 15 minutes.

The hand-held cinematography, with lots of close ups, punctuates the main character’s trauma ridden state of mind. The score weaves and bobs in and out, with appropriate highs and lows, and you feel every bit of the raw turmoil, and desperation within each scene. This film is full of stark realizations of what it means to travel the arduous path to healing.


“I just need to see her one more time.” – Jamal, Retrospect (2015)

I remember my own experience with this kind of grief. It was one of the most isolating experiences I have ever had. I remember the well intended efforts to snap me out of my torment. Truthfully, getting through that pain is a choice driven battle, for those that are affected. Those 5 stages I mentioned earlier? They MUST be fully executed before any real healing can be achieved.


“Look, you said that you wanted to help me out, right? Well ok, this is how you do it, ok? This is what I need.” – Jamal, Retrospect (2015)

A word of advice, to anyone standing on the outside looking in on someone you care about, that’s pressing through this wretched transition. This is not about YOUR discomfort. It may seem as though the person you know is withering away, but I assure you they are still there. This burden is not yours to bear, but if you are family or friend, it is yours to support. Do laundry for the grieving. Make meals, and give easement for the care of their children if they have any. Most importantly, sit with them through what will undoubtedly feel like never ending sobbing, and be an anchor.

The moment presented in this film is a tender one. Tender, as it is vital to the person that is grieving, that they be handled with care. I highly recommend viewing this film, as it is an artful example of the ways we fall down, and the sweet redemption of getting back up.

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