Supergirl Season 2 Episode 17: Distant Sun


Maggie (Floriana Lima) and Alex (Chyler Leigh) have just left yoga when they run into Maggie’s ex-girlfriend, Emily (Hayley Sales). The two ex-girlfriends are very awkward with each other. They do the customary pleasantries and part as quickly as possible. Alex trying to be the mature, supportive girlfriend presses Maggie to invite Emily for dinner. She does and Emily accepts. Emily stands Maggie and Alex up. Maggie tells Alex that Emily said she didn’t deserve to be happy. This understandably upsets Alex so she later confronts Emily about it. Emily says the full story is Maggie cheated on her and it devastated her. Alex is apologetic and leaves.

Alex meets with Maggie to discuss her not telling her the whole story about Emily. Maggie gets defensive but Alex explains to her that she isn’t mad with her for not telling her she cheated on Emily. They all have done dumb things in the past. Maggie has a pattern of not sharing thing about herself. It is probably because when she came out, her parents handled it horribly. Maggie doesn’t trust those closest to her now. Alex just wants her to heal. Maggie looks relieved and thankful. (A nice scene between Floriana Lima and Chyler Leigh.)

Mon-El (Chris Wood) cooks Kara (Melissa Benoist) a hearty breakfast, highlighted by her favorite, BACON! As the two cutely banter, on TV an alien is rampaging downtown. Kara quickly sports her Supergirl outfit and goes to fight the alien. Mon-El is stuck doing the laundry. She quickly defeats it and calls for cleanup. President Marsdin (Lynda Carter) calls Hank (David Harewood); he thinks it is about the alien Supergirl just defeated. The President is calling him about the giant spaceship with Mon-El’s parents orbiting Earth. Supergirl had trouble with the ship previously; she wants the DEO not to engage with it again. She fears further engagement could start an intergalactic war.

In a meeting at DEO, Hank, Kara, and Winn (Jeremy Jordan) discuss the alien Kara fought. It was a bounty hunter sent to kill Kara. Mon-El and Alex join them in the discussion. Someone has placed a bounty of 300 quartz pounds on Supergirl’s head. That amount of money (it could buy you a small planet) will bring every lowlife after her. Hank and Alex want Kara to lay low out of sight, Mon-El agrees. Kara doesn’t want to, she is Supergirl, and Supergirl hides from no one. They are able to convince her to lay low for at least 24 hours while they try to figure out who placed the bounty on her. Mon-El secretly has an idea who the culprits might be.

Mon-El meets with his parents King Lar Gand (Kevin Sorbo) and Queen Rhea (Teri Hatcher) at National City’s favorite alien bar. The bar’s ambience does not impress them. Mon-El tells them he knows they put the bounty on Kara’s life. They deny doing it. He asks why they haven’t left yet. They assure him they only want him to leave with them back to Daxom.

Kara is complaining about being shut-in while playing a board game with Winn and James (Mehcad Brooks). Mon-El walks in and tells them he talked to his parents about the bounty and they denied doing it. An alien is outside the building. Using telepathic abilities, the alien is able to gain control of Mon-El’s body and has him attack Kara. They end up on a rooftop fighting. Mon-El is trying his hardest not to hit Kara but he can’t break the alien’s control. The Guardian shows up but Mon-El easily takes him out. Winn sneaks up behind the alien and pretends he has a weapon and makes the alien give up control of Mon-El. Kara gets in a great punch right after Mon-El is back in control of his body.

The alien is in a DEO cell. He brags he is a powerful telepath and no one on Earth can make him talk. Hank uses his telepath abilities and the alien braggart is no match for Hank. Queen Rhea set the bounty. Alex wants to retaliate but Hank says the President told him they couldn’t engage the Daxom royalty out of fear of an intergalactic war.

Mon-El wants to run away with Kara to another planet to get away from his parents. Kara wants to talk to Queen Rhea. She thinks Rhea can change; her son was able to. Give her a chance. Kara and Mon-El meet Rhea at the Fortress of Solitude. She greets them in a bitchy manner. The Fortress is too much like Krypton for her taste. Mon-El explains why he is staying on Earth. He loves Kara and hopes she can accept this. Rhea tells him he can’t dictate the terms of their relationship. Kara appeals to her better nature. Rhea shows her true nature by revealing two Kryptonite daggers. She strikes Kara with one of them and is prepared to kill her. To stop his mother from killing the woman he loves; he consents to go back with her. He and Kara have a tearful goodbye and they are gone. When they get back on the ship, Lar Gand is glad to see Mon-El. He didn’t know that Rhea had called for the bounty.

Alex leaves Maggie after she got a call telling her Kara was hurt and Mon-El was in trouble. An injured Kara who is on the verge of tears flies into the DEO. She wants the DEO to mount a rescue mission for Mon-El. Hank tells her he can’t because of the Presidential order. Kara pleads for his help. Mon-El is up there because of her. She convinced him to talk to his mother, and he surrendered to his mother to protect her. Hank looks conflicted.

Lar Gand assures Mon-El that Kara is safe now. He tells his son that this is for the best; Mon-El needs to be with his people. Mon-El counters that if this is for their people, since they are rebuilding Daxom civilization, let us give the people justice and let us hear their voices. His father laughs, they can’t do that, because the people need their rule. Rhea walks in, she has heard enough, she slaps Mon-El and tells him it is going to take four years to get back to Daxom, four years in a cell might get his head on straight. The guards escort him to the cells. Lar Gand gives his wife a look of disapproval.

Back at the DEO Winn has salvaged one of the portals that was on the slave planet. They can use it to get on the ship. Kara can’t confront Queen Rhea with her Kryptonite daggers so she shares a plan with Hank. Supergirl jumps through the portal and fights the guards, defeating them. Rhea appears with her Kryptonite daggers but they don’t hurt Supergirl. Rhea is confused; Hank reveals he is posing as Supergirl. Meanwhile, Winn jumps in and releases Mon-El from his cell. Watching on the monitors back at the DEO, Kara and Alex watch Hank take on more guards, they are beginning to overwhelm him. Even though there is still the danger of Rhea using the Kryptonite daggers, Kara can’t let Hank fight alone. She jumps through the portal and joins the fight. Mon-El and Winn see the big fight and Mon-El sees his mother attack Kara with the Kryptonite daggers. He goes to the room and shoots out the window; the vacuum of space starts to suck whatever isn’t bolted or holding on into outer space. The Kryptonite daggers fly out. Lar Gand is able to activate the shutters closing the opening. He calls an end to the fight. He tells Mon-El he can leave with his friends. Rhea looks at her husband with daggers in her eyes.

The storylines begin to wrap up. Maggie and Emily meet cordially and clear the air thanks to Alex. The President is mad at Hank for breaking her orders. She doesn’t punish him for now. When their transmission ends, she goes back to her alien shape. Mon-El and Kara are together and happy. He tells her she was right, people can change; his father did and let them go because he knew his son loved her. He continues to tell her how great she is. Kara tells him they saved each other. On the spaceship, the other couple isn’t as happy. Rhea tells Lar Gand he betrayed their family by not standing with her. She stabs him to death. She isn’t through with Earth yet.


After Kara’s adventures in theatrical music land on “The Flash”, she and Mon-El are happier than ever. Too bad Rhea isn’t into their love. She is the definition of the mother-in-law from Hell. How great is Teri Hatcher as the evil queen. I’ve loved Teri Hatcher since “Lois and Clark” so it is great to have her back in the DC universe. Rhea has a twisted notion of family loyalty; if you break it, you die. I loved the scene when she killed Lar Gand, it was so cold blooded, but you could see from her perspective that he brought it on himself. If you cross those marriage vows in any small way, you die. It gives the final episodes a charge, since you know she’ll do anything to kill the woman she blames for breaking up her family.

Alex and Maggie might be one of the more mature, loving couples on TV today. Even though Alex might have gotten too involved in Maggie’s past relationship, she did it totally out of love for Maggie. Her scene with Maggie when she told her she wasn’t mad at her, she was there to help heal her was beautiful. You would hope the person you are with in real life would be there for you like that. It’s nice seeing a CW program show a loving relationship like theirs without all the soap opera problems. I’m complementing them so much, they will probably introduce Maggie’s long lost daughter who will break the couple up. I hope if they continue the Kara Mon-El relationship that they can bring the same level of depth to it. Alex and Maggie’s relationship is an adult one, while Kara and Mon-El is more adolescent.

The action was good this episode, especially the assault on the spaceship. I really enjoyed seeing the Martian Manhunter mix it up. The action and individual fights were well choreographed.

Grade: B+

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