The Expanse Season 2 Episode 11: Here There Be Dragons



Ganymede Station

An hour before the mirrors fell on Ganymede, Dr. Strickland (Ted Atherton), Mei Meng (Leah Madison Jung), and a scientist named Umea (Allison Hossack) are leaving his clinic. Unknown to Mei they are trying to get out of the area before the attack. They are taking Mei to the old part of the station. Once they get there, Mei wants to go home. Dr. Strickland tries to pacify her by giving her a leaf and tells a disturbing story about attempting to help a butterfly escape its cocoon and only making it weaker. He asks her if she wants to be strong and go on this adventure to learn the secrets of the universe. Of course, she doesn’t know what he is talking about since it is the babbling of a mad scientist. When they get to their destination, Mei sees a group of kids strapped to chairs. She is strapped into one of those chairs.

Back to the present day, Prax Meng (Terry Chen), Holden (Steven Strait), Naomi (Dominique Tipper), and Amos (Wes Chatham) are retracing Mei’s steps. They are outside the door that Mei went inside earlier. Courtesy of Roma from the last episode, Amos has a Skelton key. Amos jokes how accommodating he was. He then points out to Holden that he didn’t mind him bashing in Roma’s head. Holden says he didn’t mind Amos bashing in some asshole’s head if it helps with their mission. Naomi is trying to prepare Prax for the worse, in case they don’t find Mei. Prax says is going to push on and Naomi doesn’t know how he feels. She confides to him that she lost a child, a little boy. It took her a while to accept it wasn’t her fault.

Aboard the Rocinante, Alex (Cas Anvar) is trying to figure out how to get around the No-Fly-Zone around Ganymede. He hears over the radio that a Martian ship, the Karakum is getting special priority and that no one is to interfere with it. Alex assumes this means the Karakum is a black-ops ship. He really needs to help his friends.  Using a computer model that is showing the area around Ganymede, he is trying to figure out how he can land on Ganymede without detection. His wedding ring slips off and floats through his simulations. He has an idea; he expands the model to include the system. The Rocinante will do a gravity assist trajectory to Ganymede only using his boosters, and the orbital paths of the surrounding moons. Once he starts, he nearly runs into another ship, he thinks it spots him and tries to start his engines, but the ship goes by. He didn’t see this ship because of the moons and it apparently didn’t see him either. Alex proceeds to Ganymede.

As they are going through the old part of the station, Prax notices that the cascade is beginning. The systems on the station are shutting down. They reach a door and hear activity on the other side. Prax ask Amos for a gun because he wants a gun to fight for his daughter. Amos foolishly gives him one even though Prax isn’t familiar with weapons. Using the Skelton key, they enter the room, guns ready. Umea with a group of armed people are sitting at the table. Prax sees Mei’s backpack and asks where his daughter is. It is a standoff until Prax fires his gun. A gunfight ensues; some of the other people escape into another room. Amos is shot in the shoulder and Umea is badly hurt. Amos asks, “Why do I always get shot?” Holden and Prax find a dead child in a chamber covered by Protomolecule. Holden sets the chamber on fire to destroy the Protomolecule. Someone throws a grenade in the room but Amos quickly picks it up and throws it back. It explodes and they hear gunfire, screams and destruction in the other room. When they enter there is a depressurization alert and a large container is broken. Holden asks Umea what it was. She wants medical assistance but Holden won’t give it to her unless she talks. She laughs and says they made a Protomolecule they control and there are more of them. Gratefully the witch dies.

Alex shows up, he landed on the station and found them. Naomi announces she isn’t going with them. She is going to stay on the station and help Melissa on the Somnabulist help the people of Ganymede. With the latest developments, it is no use to try to continue hunting the Protomolecule; it is out in the system now. Holden does not argue with her. Amos is going to stay with her and help. After he and Naomi kiss, Holden tells Prax to stay with her, but he is going to stick with Holden. Alex tells them something is outside; they look and see someone out there without a vac suit. The Protomolecule that broke out is out there. Holden tells Alex and Prax they are going hunting.


Captain Martens (Peter Outerbridge) is reprimanding Bobbie (Frankie Adams) for her little trip to the ocean. He tells her how disappointed her father will be with her. Bobbie wants to know what happened in Ganymede to her unit. Martens tells her to shut up. He tells her the new generation of Martians don’t know how to sacrifice like his generation. Since she doesn’t know how to follow orders any longer, her days in the marines are numbered.

At the UN Chrisjen (Shohreh Aghdashloo) is looking at the latest report from the Arboghast. Errinwright (Shawn Doyle) walks in with a report on Jules-Pierre Mao (Francois Chau). The pressure they are putting on his family’s finances is working, and his oldest daughter might help them get in contact with Mao. Chrisjen looks sadly upon Errinwright. He asks her what’s wrong, she tells him the UN is going to convene a hearing on Eros and the focus of the inquiry will be on him. Errinwright realizes that if they don’t have Mao, they will dump all of this on him. Chrisjen advises him to get ahead of this while he can.

Bobbie is in her room thinking about her trip to the ocean. Marten comes to get her for her trip home. The transport is above them, and then it leaves. They got a report that terrorists were going to attack some transports. Marten says the information came from UN under-secretary Avasarala. Bobbie smiles to herself. It delays her trip home. Bobbie goes back to her room and looks in the mirror. With a determined look, she requests to meet with Martens. He is looking at an update on the Karakum. Bobbie tells him she knows that something killed the UN marines and her troops on Ganymede and she wants to know why they are covering it up. Martens berates her again. Bobbie responds with a beating to get the truth. I guess the older generation of Martians aren’t as tough as they used to be because he spills the beans. There was a drone watching the UN Marines and her team be slaughtered. It was a weapons test to determine if Mars would buy it. He has a pad with information; the title of the project is Project Caliban. After knocking him out she calls for a soldier, I guess he was guarding her or Martens and takes him out. She calmly walks out of the building but someone scream at the embassy guards to stop her. Bobbie sprints to a UN security post and asks for political asylum from Earth.

Bobbie is in Chrisjen’s office and asks Cotyar (Nick E. Tarabay) what the f&*k he was looking at. Chrisjen walks in and says she asked Bobbie for her help, not to create a diplomatic incident. Bobbie cracks that Chrisjen should have been more specific.  She hands Chrisjen the pad she took from Martens with the information about Project Caliban. Bobbie tells her the weapon is for sale and that Mars wants it badly. They are using this peace conference as a cover. She knows Martens is involved and a Martian minister. Chrisjen thanks Sgt. Draper. Bobbie corrects her, “You don’t have to call me sergeant ma’am; I’m not a soldier anymore.”

When Bobbie leaves, Chrisjen receives a message from Jules-Pierre Mao. He wants to meet with Chrisjen privately outside UN jurisdiction. He knows she knows about the Protomolecule and he wants to discuss it with her. She can only bring a small group with her. Cotyar thinks it is a trap. Mao is a fugitive and doesn’t have much to lose. Chrisjen knows this could be a trap, but she is going anyway.

A Marian destroyer is watching them. They have unsuccessfully sent probes to the surface. Dr. Iturbi (Ted Whittall) suggest that they take the cover off one of their probes and reinforce the other probe with it. They change their orbit, get closer to Venus, and fire their probe from the lower orbit. Colonel Janus eventually agrees. It works and they get a picture of a Mountain of Protomolecule before the transmission ends.



There are just two episodes left in this season. With that being the case, the show had a lot to cover and it did, it’s best to do it. Every storyline from the back half of this season was covered. The Arbogast found out the Protomolecule is growing fast on Venus. I don’t think the crew of the Arbogast knows about the Protomolecule yet, but they know something big is happening on Venus. They don’t know how bad that is for the rest of the system.

Bobbie is one of us now; she is an Earther. Well not quite, but she is no longer a soldier for Mars. Marten kept trying to be a badass, and got his ass kicked for his trouble. A lesson to all you assholes, don’t keep browbeating someone who can snap you in two. He had it coming though. He knew all about Project Caliban, they probably sent him since he had some connection to her family. They thought he could manage her, but his management technique was wanting. Bobbie is an honorable person, and once she knew the people she was serving weren’t, she jumped ship. In a small way, Bobbie reminds me of Fred Johnson. He was a UN marine colonel, but once he learned his superiors had him kill innocent belters, he left and became the head of the OPA. If you take a person who is dedicated to a cause and disillusion them, they will turn on you. If you saw the previews for next week’s show, it seems like Bobbie becomes a member of Team Avasarala. With Chrisjen meeting that snake Jules-Pierre Mao, she is going to need the backup.

Things in Ganymede are bad, and about to get much worse, maybe beyond anyone’s imagination. Mao and his evil cabal of scientist have been using kids with an immune deficiency to create their newest Protomolecule creature. We saw the results of one of their failures. Holden burned it. I’m afraid Bobbie saw one of their successes. There were many kids in that room when Mei and Strickland walked in. Umea said there are more of these creatures. That was too much for Naomi to take. She feels it is hopeless trying to go around the system and try to stamp it out. She wants to help the people on Ganymede now. She and Amos are going to stay around and help. With the station dying, they are going to have to evacuate the planet. Will the Martian navy block this attempt?

Now we have to fear that little Mei is one of those creatures. Prax, Holden, and Alex saw the creature that escaped. Umea called the creature she, could that be Mei. If so, her father could be hunting her next week. That would be the most tragic thing we have gotten from this show so far. I haven’t read the books so I don’t know if this is the case. I hope they find Mei still human but having the powers of the Protomolecule and become a superhero. She uses her powers to fight Mao and his evil scientist and bring peace and justice to the system. I’m probably watching the wrong show if I expect that to happen.

Grade: B+

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