by Kbear! on March 30, 2017

Cary (Bill Irwin) is watching David (Dan Stevens), Syd (Rachel Keller), and Ptonomy (Jeremie Harris) carry an injured Kerry (Amber Midthunder) on a stretcher. David slyly tells Melanie (Jean Smart) that he met her husband. David is sitting at the dock; Syd joins him. Suddenly they are dressed in all white in a white room. (Like a 90s R&B video.) In this plane of reality, they can touch. This looks like the perfect romantic fantasy. The camera picks up bugs all over a bowl of strawberries. Maybe all is not well in this world.

Melanie asks if Cary can absorb Kerry but he responds that he can’t, he would go into shock. It’s a very delicate ecosystem in there. David told Melanie he saw Oliver in the astral plane, she thinks he can bring Oliver back. David and Syd in matching black outfits and adolescent behavior meet with Melanie. David knows where they are holding Amy; he is going in the morning to get her. Syd plans on going with him. Melanie politely tries to explain why he shouldn’t go. David again mentions he saw Oliver living in an ice cube. The way he says it sounds like a taunt. Melanie describes how Oliver was like David, a powerful psychic. He stayed in this plane where he was all-powerful. He eventually was stuck there for going on 21 years now. She wants to see her husband and she wants David to bring him home.

Kerry is still in a great deal of pain. Cary is finally able to absorb her back into his body, but he now has her bruises on his face. Syd asks can she and David go back to the white room. They are now both naked in the afterglow of sex. David asks if this is her first time. No, her first time was when she was 16 with her mother’s boyfriend. She and her mother’s boyfriend had a flirtatious relationship; so when her mother passed out from drinking too much, she touched her and took her form. The boyfriend was in the shower and she joined him. Once he was inside her, she changed back to herself. The ensuing confusion between he, her and her mother was a mess. Syd then wistfully asks David, “Who teaches us to be normal when we’re one of a kind?” She desperately asks him, “Promise me if you get lost we get lost together.”

Outside the white room, we see a red light under the door. Syd is asleep, but behind the door is a red room. David and Lenny (Aubrey Plaza) are talking. She wants to go get Amy now, and she wants to leave Sydney behind. Syd wakes up and sees that David is missing. She soon realizes that he is missing in the real world too. Melanie, Ptonomy, and Rudy (Brad Mann) are in a meeting. Syd interrupts them to inform them that David has left to free Amy from Division III. Melanie tells Ptonomy that they have to go. An angry Ptonomy asks if they are going without doing any surveillance or having a plan. Are they doing this because David can get Oliver for her? Melanie coolly respond no, they have to because David is too powerful and if Division III turns him. She doesn’t have to finish her sentence; everyone understands and prepares to go to Division III. Melanie pulls Syd aside and warns her to be careful with David; he is fragile. Syd doesn’t think so, especially since he came back. That is what worries Melanie.

The song the “Daily Mail” from Radiohead plays as Ptonomy, Rudy, Syd, and Melanie get in the car and head to Division III. When they get there, they see the evidence of David having been there. It is a horrific scene of soldiers’ bodies being twisted, burned, some of them phased into solid objects. When they walk inside the building, the hallway lights are blinking and alarms are blaring. They split up, Syd with Ptonomy and Melanie with Rudy. Syd and Ptonomy make it to the cells, Amy is gone but a shell shocked Dr. Kissinger (David Ferry) is still in his cell. He tells them David has been there and he took Amy. Could they please let him out? I’m not sure why but they leave him in his cell. Melanie and Rudy find the building’s surveillance room. They look at the security tapes; David is cheerfully massacring Division III troops. The cameras picks up the image of the Yellow Eyed Devil. The creature is controlling David.

Cary is still back at Summerland studying the film of David in the MRI machine. He sees flashes of the Yellow Eyed Devil. Back at Division III, Ptonomy and Syd find Brubaker (David Selby) fused halfway in the floor. He stammers they were waiting for David but they weren’t expecting this. His last words are, “So much power, it wears a human face.” The impact of all of this finally hits Syd hard. Cary contacts the group; he reports that there is a parasite living in David since he was a child, maybe since birth. The parasite is a powerful older mutant. David is powerful himself, if he weren’t, this parasite would have torn him apart by now. David telepathically calls Syd and she finds herself back in the white room. Both she and David are wearing white again. He is sitting on the bed playing the banjo singing a heartbreaking version of the “Rainbow Connection”. This seems to be the real David in a great deal of pain. She looks into the red room and sees the Angriest Boy and the once cute King. Back in the real world, she tells Melanie that David went home. As they leave, The Eye (Mackenzie Gray) sees and follows them.

David takes Amy (Katie Aselton) to their childhood home. Amy doesn’t notice at first how strange David is acting. He creepily asks Amy her secret. Lenny, who was in the room, finally walks out of a mirror scaring Amy to death. Lenny paws at her until Amy bats her hands away. She starts taking the forms of Benny, King, and the Angriest Boy. David is in the corner having a seizure. David (or Lenny) is back and asks Amy what is the secret. The secret is David’s adoption. The family didn’t tell him because of his illness. David snaps it isn’t an illness. Amy knows he has powers now.

Cary is making a crown looking device to put on David to control the parasite. Kerry comes out; she knows there is going to be a fight when they get there. Cary asks how she knows; there always is.

Melanie, Syd, Ptonomy, and Rudy get to the house. Melanie tells everyone to be careful, the group might be leaving the real world and entering David’s world. She is right because all of the sound leaves. The Eye is right behind them. When they get into the house, the Angriest Boy runs past Syd. She follows him. Rudy is walking down a hallway alone. Melanie is with Ptonomy. Someone is breaking in; it is Cary. He is trying to explain the device using pantomime. Kerry appears with a baseball bat wrapped in barbwire.  Rudy appears, but we see a quick flash showing us it is actually The Eye in Rudy form.

Syd finds Amy sitting on the floor, but Lenny is there too. She tosses Syd against the wall and sits on a comatose David making out with him. Lenny complains that you people, putting ideas in his head. Everyone burst into the room, Lenny is gone, and David and Syd are standing near the wall. The Eye/Rudy starts shooting at them. Syd turns David around and says white room and he takes them there. They aren’t safe because the Yellow Eyed Devil enters the room and chases Syd, while David stands impotently listening to Syd’s screams. Suddenly everyone from Summerland including The Eye are patients at Clockwork. Their therapist is Lenny, and all seems normal.



After his trip to the astral plane, David is a changed man. He is confident, cocky, fun loving, if you call sadistically killing people fun. David brought Lenny back with him to the real world and the parasite has taken over his personality. Syd was so happy to be able to go to the white room and touch David, and make love to him that she choice to ignore how he was acting. It shows how sad and lonely a life Syd has lived. The chance to be in a relationship with someone and be able to enjoy physical touch overwhelmed her common sense. Melanie could tell David was acting different and was worried why he was. They have begun to figure out what is going on with David. The last episode Oliver told David he had a parasite. Cary figured it out in this one. He has built a device to help David control this parasite, but with the shooting in the real world, we don’t know if it will help. The scene at Division III was terrifying. We see how powerful and scary David can be. Division III underestimated how big a threat David is and they paid a heavy price for it. The use of silence in the episode was brilliant and reminded me of its use in the episode “Hush” on “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. The musical selections were great again. This show is firing on all cylinders.

Grade: A


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