Legends of Tomorrow Season 2 Episode 15: Fellowship of the Spears

by Kbear! on March 29, 2017

France, 1916, the Battle of the Somme, Sara (Caity Lotz), Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers), and Nate (Nick Zano) are on the battlefield trying to decide if they should use the Spear of Destiny. We go back 72 hours aboard the Waverider. Rip (Arthur Darvill) knows where the Legion are hiding out, The Vanishing Point. They are going to go there to retrieve the other pieces that the Legion has. They bring the spear with them because it lights up anytime it is near a piece. Mick (Dominic Purcell) is near the spot that Snart (Wentworth Miller) died. He has a flashback of the incident. Sara gets him to snap out of it. Everyone is dressed in his or her superhero costume. The spear lights up near the other two pieces, Firestorm uses his power to change the container they are in to jellybeans. Rip is impressed. The alarm goes off but Thawne (Matt Letscher) is too late to stop them.

Rip tells the Legends that the spear will call to itself.  Before their eyes, the spear becomes whole again. Rip warns everyone that the spear will try to lure each of the group into using it. They need to destroy it, so Mick tries to set it on fire. It doesn’t destroy the spear but it reveals some Latin words. Nick translates it as “Born in blood, undone by blood”. Only the blood of Christ can destroy it. Sara wants to go back to the crucifixion, but Rip warns going to it could greatly disturb the time stream. Nate has an idea; Sir Gawain found a vial of the blood of Christ. He is buried somewhere in Northern France. Another historian, J.R.R. Tolkien (Jack Turner) can help them find it. They will find Tolkien in the British Army in 1916 in Northern France.

Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is upset with Thawne for letting the Legends retrieve the spear pieces. Thawne has a new plan, since the spear is probably whole again, they should steal it from the Legends. Darhk plans to bring a new player to the game.

At the Battle of the Somme, Tolkien had trench fever. Amaya, Nate, Rip, Mick, and Ray (Brandon Routh) look for Tolkien. Sara, Martin (Victor Garber), and Jax (Franz Drameh) stay aboard the Waverider to protect the spear. They go to an Army field hospital to find Tolkien. All the suffering in the hospital overwhelms Amaya. Mick sees Snart and follows him outside the hospital tent. Rip and Nate find Tolkien in a trench suffering from trench fever. They pretend they are British doctors and take him to the Waverider. Mick thinks he is hallucinating and tells Snart the Legends plan for destroying the spear. Snart tries to create doubt in Mick’s mind about his place with the Legends. They don’t respect or trust him. Mick tells him he is a hallucination but Snart hits him to prove otherwise.

Tolkien looks around the Waverider and thinks the Germans captured him. They assure him they are friends and ask him does he know where Sir Gawain is buried. They have to explain their mission to him. Sara can tell something is wrong with Amaya. She admits the suffering in the hospital shook her. Sara wonders since Amaya was in World War II, why was this bothering her so much. Amaya tells her she got Gideon to show her future. The suffering on the battlefield make her think of the suffering her village and descendants will experience. Mick tells Martin he saw Snart, and shows the black eye Snart gave him. Martin thinks Mick was hurt in the field and hallucinated Snart.

Tolkien takes them to the church that Sir Gawain is buried. Mick stumbles upon a relic that helps them find his body. Snart shows up to everyone’s surprise. Darhk had gone back in the timeline and got Snart before he became a legend, so this is a very evil version of him. Darhk shows up with some German soldiers and a shootout begins. Tolkien is able to make an engraving from Sir Gawain’s shield. Snart tells Mick before he leaves, “They’ll never trust you.” Martin and Jax make Snart’s point, telling him how untrustworthy he is, and Martin calls him a thug. Using the engraving, Tolkien figures out where the blood is located. Unfortunately, it is in no man land, between both warring armies. Amaya and Mick discuss what the spear is saying to them. Amaya hears her mother’s voice telling her to save her family. Mick hears his parents telling him not to play with fire. Sara’s plan is for them to get the English and Germans to call a ceasefire so they can go into no man’s land and retrieve the vial of blood. Amaya thinks it is a bad idea and holding the Spear of Destiny suggests they use the spear to rewrite reality and wipe out the Legion of Doom. She thinks she can wield the spear. Rip and Sara talk her out of it, but she still thinks they are making a huge mistake.

We are back at the scene we began the episode. Tolkien and Rip ask the British commander to call for a ceasefire so they can get the injured soldiers off the battlefield. Martin and Ray are in German uniforms asking the German commander to call for a ceasefire. Both commanders say no. Sara tells her men they can’t take no for an answer. She, Amaya, Nate, and Mick join the rest of the British troops, leave the trenches, and charge into no man’s land. Rip knocks out the British commander and using the Waverider’s technology calls for a ceasefire from both armies to remove their injured troops from the battlefield. The speech Rip makes sounds like something Tolkien will write years later. Both armies follow the ceasefire, which allows the Legends to find the blood of Christ. Before anyone can celebrate, Snart and Darhk show up to steal the spear from them Legends. Mick is holding it. Snart convinces Mick to switch sides and join the Legion. Mick tried to convince Amaya to join the Legion. She holds firm and stays with the Legends. Snart throws a grenade ending the ceasefire. As the fighting starts again, the vial of the blood of Christ is broken. The Waverider arrives in time to rescue them. Everyone dumps on Mick until Ray points out they never trusted Mick and he knew it. They never treated him as a true member of the Legends. Nate thinks there might be one bright spot; maybe the Legion doesn’t know how to operate the spear.

Sorry Nate you are wrong. Malcolm Merlyn pops up with the Kalabros, something like an owner manual for the spear. He is surprised to see the new members. The five members put their hands around the spear as they begin to read from the book. The room looks like it is beginning to spin.


After everything the Legends have been through, the Legion of Doom have the Spear of Destiny and are about to change reality. Damien Darhk makes a late substitution and brings Leonard Snart in the game. Snart is able to turn Mick with an able assist from the Legends themselves. Mick has to take the lion’s share of blame for portraying his comrades. Where the Legends take, some blame is creating a self-fulfilling prophecy. Most of the members of the Legends have always treated Mick as a dumb, worthless criminal, especially Martin. Even though Snart was a snake, everything he said to Mick was true. Except for him telling Mick, he hadn’t changed. Mick has changed, and the actual change he has undergone will probably be what will save reality.

The writers did a good job with making me wonder who would turn against the team, Mick or Amaya. Knowing the future of her village, daughter and granddaughter shock her up. As much as she disagreed with Sara, she had the strength not to use the spear or turn against the team. Of course, the Legends hold her in high regard so that helps. Even though I thought they had Martin and Jax go harder on Mick than they would normally, they kept all the characterizations close to normal. The scenes of the battlefield were well done by the production crew. The background of such a terrible battle added to the melancholy feeling of the episode. You knew this wasn’t going to end well.

Grade: A-

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