Supergirl Season 2 Episode 16: Star-Crossed    

by Kbear! on March 28, 2017

Kara (Melissa Benoist) and Mon-El (Chris Wood) are enjoying ice cream and being cute.  They and everyone else receives a transmission to turn in Mon-El. At the DEO, Hank (David Harewood), Alex (Chyler Leigh), Kara, and Mon-El discuss the transmission. The transmission originated from an alien ship that is orbiting earth. Kara decides to check it out. The huge spaceship fires upon her. She isn’t able to get close to it. To keep Kara or anyone else from getting hurt Mon-El decides to surrender alone. When they start to beam him up, Kara jumps in the beam with him and both transport to the spaceship. The two aliens who greet them are Lar Gand (Kevin Sorbo) and Rhea (Teri Hatcher), the King and Queen of Daxam. Mon-El is their son, the Crown Prince. Kara is not happy to hear this.

Mom and Dad invite Kara to the family dinner. They are happy to have found their son. With Mon-El being the face of the monarchy, they will “Make Daxam great again.” Kara is not getting along with her ‘in-laws’. They represent the Daxam she grew up hating. They are quite comfortable with the slavery that was on Daxam and keeping their citizens downtrodden. They force Mon-El to tell the charming story of how he escaped Daxam. Mon-El was in bed with a babe when the world-ending catastrophe happened. His bodyguard rushed in to get him. The girl in bed begged him not to leave her. His bodyguard screamed, “Leave her!” (I got a good laugh out of that exchange.) His bodyguard killed a Kryptonian to steal his spacecraft for Mon-El’s escape. Kara is mad at Mon-El for lying to her about his identity, and worst, he was a Crown Prince of a cruel society like Daxam.

Alex agrees that Kara should be upset with Mon-El but she should talk to him and give him a chance. Rhea pops up at the DEO and wants to talk to Kara. She needs Kara to talk to Mon-El and tell him to talk to his parents. They need him to go with them so he can eventually rule Daxam and rebuild it. Rhea says that Kryptonians looked down on Daxom, as Kara is doing now. If you don’t want him, let him go. Later they finally talk. Mon-El asks for Kara’s forgiveness. Kara tells him he has a second chance with his people and he should take it.

While the rest of the DEO was discussing the alien ship, Winn (Jeremy Jordan) and Lyra (Tamzin Merchant) are making out in front of the National City Art Gallery. She wants to break-in to have sex. Maggie (Floriana Lima) calls Winn the next day about the break-in. Winn goes to the police station with doughnuts and finds out Lyra stole a Van Goughs. Lyra can apparently be invisible to cameras, so the only one on camera is Winn. Alex is able to get him 24 hours to prove his innocence. Winn, Alex, and James (Mehcad Brooks) go to the alien bar looking for Lyra. They find out Lyra lives at a trailer park. Winn confronts her in her trailer. She tells him she never cared for him; he was just a mark. The Guardian is with Winn but Lyra informs them she has muscle too.

A fight breaks out at the trailer park. Alex joins in and they capture Lyra. She says they don’t understand, criminals are holding her brother. Winn believes her and breaks her out. They bring the stolen masterpiece to Mandrax (Paul Lazenby) the intergalactic art smuggler. The masterpiece is a fake, the Guardian shows up to fight Mandrax and his goons. Alex shows up with some DEO agents and they capture the whole crew. Lyra and her brother reunite. She and her brother will leave town. Winn forgives her. Kara doesn’t understand how he can. Winn forgives Lyra because she had reasons for doing what she did, and Kara has to decide if Mon-El’s reasons for lying to her are enough for her to forgive him.

Mon-El goes to Kara’s apartment to ask for forgiveness. He tells her he loves her. Kara is still mad that he lied to her. Both are nearly in tears as she tells him he hurt her and that it is over between them. Kara cries after Mon-El leaves. Mon-El meets with his parents on the spaceship. He doesn’t want to go back to Daxam with them. They were horrible to their people and Kara has made him a better person, even if they aren’t together. They transport him back down to his new home, Earth.

A new prisoner (Darren Criss) is escorted into the DEO. When he spots Kara, he tells her he has been looking for her. He does an eye whammy and puts Kara in a coma. He breaks out of his handcuffs and uses a device to open a portal to another dimension. He tells them he is looking for the world’s fastest man. Kara wakes up in a 1940’s style dress and has to sing to an audience. This will continue on “The Flash”.



It seems like the major theme of the episode was forgiveness. Both Kara and Winn had to find a reason to forgive the lovers who have hurt them through their deception. Winn was able to find a way to forgive Lyra much faster than Kara was able to forgive Mon-El. In this episode, Kara had still not forgiven Mon-El. Why would Mon-El find it necessary to lie to Kara over his identity for this long? When they first met, Kara didn’t like Mon-El because he was from Daxam, a worthless party planet. What we didn’t know at the time was how worthless Daxam was. The party element of the planet was a device the monarchy used to subdue their people. Drunken partying was the opiate to the masses there. Daxam also supported slavery, so a messed up system. Mon-El figured out quickly she would hate him more for being part of the ruling class. As he was falling for her, he really didn’t want her to find out. It proves again that the cover-up can be worse that the actual crime. Melissa Benoist and Chris Wood aced the breakup scene between Kara and Mon-El. They have great chemistry.

Grade: B+


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