Legion Finally Reveals the Truth About the Monster in David’s Head… and His Father, Too

From io9 [SPOILER ALERT] The latest episode of Legion was full of shocking twists and startling revelations. The first, of course, was confirming the Yellow-Eyed Demon’s true identity (since that news had unfortunately trickled out last week). However, we also got a Maury Povich-style “You Are the Father” moment that… well, let’s just say it […]

Google Opens Howard University West to Train Black Coders

From USA Today Google is opening “Howard West” on its campus in Mountain View, Calif., a Silicon Valley outpost for the historically black university where computer science majors can immerse themselves in coding instruction and tech culture, not to mention the inner workings of one of the planet’s most famous companies . . . Continue reading

The Expanse Season 2 Episode 8: Pyre

from Kbear! on March 23, 2017 Survivors Ganymede before the attack, Dr. Praxideke Meng (Terry Chen) is looking at his daughter Mei (Leah Jung) wearing her backpack that has holograms on it, she is looking at Jupiter. Debris starts falling and Meng wakes up on a refugee freighter. He calls out for Mei, but only […]