The Flash Season 3 Episode 15: The Wrath of Savitar

by Kbear! on March 22, 2017

Here comes the bride
Wally (Keiynan Lonsdale), Barry (Grant Gustin), and Jesse (Violett Beane) are out training. Wally sees Savitar but he doesn’t tell Jesse or Barry. Back at Star Labs, they time Wally and determine that he is fast enough to save Iris (Candice Patton). Julian (Tom Felton) arrives back from London. The whole team is together to hear Iris and Barry’s engagement announcement. Everyone is happy for the couple. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) is very happy for their union, but he privately asks Barry why he didn’t ask for his daughter’s hand. Barry gives some flimsy excuses. He and Wally head out for a fire. Savitar attacks Wally but the only thing Barry can see is Wally tossed around.

It’s only in your head
Back at Star Labs, the team determines that Savitar is only in Wally’s head. Barry is upset that Wally hadn’t told them he has seen Savitar for over a week. As far as they know, Savitar could be using Wally to spy on them. He orders Wally out of the room. Cisco (Carlos Valdes) hooks up Julian so they can link up to Savitar. They had done this previously when they found out Julian was Doctor Alchemy. Savitar threatens and plays mind games with the team, freaking everyone out. They are able to track down one of Savitar’s acolytes; they have built a statue of him. Acolyte Craig (Blair Penner) doesn’t have another Philosopher’s Stone on him but he has the box where the stone was kept. He snidely tells Barry he better move the wedding up.

The Philosopher’s Stone
Wally asks Cisco to take him to the date of Iris’s death at Savitar’s hand. Cisco warns him about seeing it but complies. Understandably shaken seeing his sister’s death, Wally notices Iris isn’t wearing an engagement ring. He comes back angry and confronts Barry in front of the whole gang, and makes him confess that he asked Iris to marry him so he can change the future and prevent her death. Shaken by the news, Iris feels conflicted. Julian wonders if Savitar is using him as the Judas of the group, but Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) tells him he isn’t and produces a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Caitlin confesses to the rest of the team that she kept a piece of the stone hoping she could use it to lose her Meta power. She hasn’t figured out how to do it yet. The only person upset with her is Julian. He figures she has kept him around Star Labs to use him. The team actually does use him again to try to locate Savitar. They can’t get a clear reading; it looks like he is all over town.

What’s real
Meanwhile, Jesse and Wally are back home. Wally is afraid that Savitar has a hold of him. He should be worried because he hallucinates and sees his mom (Vanessa Williams). His mom at first is comforting but then says mean things to him. Jesse watches Wally hugging air and freaks out. Savitar is completely manipulating Wally now.

Iris isn’t mad at Barry for his fraudulent proposal. She loves him and still wants to marry him. Still, she is afraid Barry wants to marry her out of fear, and she doesn’t want their relationship based on Barry only wanting to protect her.

Fallen soldier
The gang figures out that the reason their readings show he is all over town is because he is still imprisoned in the Speedforce. Barry and Jay made a mistake tossing the Philosopher’s Stone in the Speedforce, that’s where Savitar wanted it all along to free himself. The only reason he isn’t out is that he need’s the piece Caitlin kept to make the stone complete. Unfortunately, Wally doesn’t know this and they discover the mad speedster has stolen the piece. Savitar is egging Wally into throwing it in the Speedforce telling him he can’t do it. Wally musters all his strength and succeeds in throwing the stone into the Speedforce. Barry arrives too late to stop him. Savitar crawls out of the Speedforce and in a horrific scene; the Speedforce sucks Wally in. Joe and Iris watch this on a monitor in Star Labs helplessly. Barry fights Savitar in a vicious fight and Savitar stabs him. Barry is able to break a piece of the lance. Back at Star Labs, they are able to take the piece out of Barry. The team feels beaten and devastated by the latest developments.



Savitar breaks out of the Speedforce and the team is in disarray because of their fears. Wally is afraid to tell the team about seeing Savitar. His keeping this secret and trying to deal with Savitar on his own bites his and the team’s collective asses. Barry’s fear of Iris dying and proposing to her to try to slightly change the future to keep her alive, but keeping his true motivation a secret only alienates Iris. Caitlin keeping secret that she has a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone alienates Julian. All of this secret keeping reminds me of the old WB show “Smallville”. That show loved everyone keeping a secret from everyone else and then exploding in his or her face. Clark keeping his super powers a secret. Lex Luthor keeping his nefarious plans a secret. Lana keeping how big of a pain in the ass she was a secret. It nearly ruined that show and “The Flash” should be careful they don’t let it do the same to their show. I’m annoyed with Barry never learning a lesson. How many times does he have to try to change time before he gets he should not be attempting to do that. It wasn’t that long ago that Joe said they needed to stop keeping secrets and work together to defeat Savitar. I can’t believe they would forget that heartfelt speech this quickly. I thought Keiynan Lonsdale did a good job showing Wally’s confusion and breakdown. The fight scene between the Flash and Savitar was exciting. The episode still felt like it was spinning its wheels.

Grade: B-

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