Arrow Season 5 Episode 14: The Sin-Eater and Season 5 Episode 15: Fighting Fire with Fire

by Kbear! on March 9, 2017

Oliver (Stephen Amell) goes to see Prometheus’ mother. She is understandably not helpful. Meanwhile China White (Kelly Hu), Cupid (Amy Gumenick), and Liza Warner (Rutina Wesley) stage a breakout from an Iron Heights prison bus. Susan Williams (Carly Pope) enters Oliver’s mayoral office to ask him if he is the Green Arrow. Oliver jokes he is but quickly denies it. She isn’t convinced. Oliver precedes over the swearing in ceremony for Dinah Drake (Juliana Harkavy) joining the Star City police force. Thea (Willa Holland) asks Oliver about Susan. One of Thea’s spies at city hall noticed something was up. He tells her Susan asked him if he was the Green Arrow. Oliver acts as if he has it under control but Thea is concerned.
Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) locates the fugitives. Team Arrow along with Quentin (Paul Blackthorne) watch these women brutally take out some criminals on their screen. Quentin feels guilty watching Warner. The escapees are looking for the 100 million dollars Tobias Church hid. Captain Frank Pike (Adrian Holmes), the ACU chief receives evidence in the mail. Thea asks Felicity to hack Susan; they find the evidence she has on Oliver being the Green Arrow.

Curtis (Echo Kellum) has a new uniform; he and Rene (Rich Gonzalez) are looking for information on where the 100 million is stashed. Oliver and Lance are together, he tells Lance they may give Dinah the code name Black Canary. He isn’t upset about it. They find the three women and a fight breaks out. Lance goes after Warner. She is upset with him because he had convinced her to surrender, and in prison, she found out, he was working for Damien Dahrk. He explains he was doing it to protect his daughter but she doesn’t care. She is going to do whatever is necessary for herself, and get a little revenge on Lance. Oliver is fighting both Cupid and China White when the ACU drops in to arrest the Green Arrow for murdering Billy Malone.

The Green Arrow escapes. Mayor Queen goes to Captain Pike to ask him to back down. Someone sent Pike evidence that the coroner’s office changed the findings on their report. The arrow that killed Billy are the ones the Green Arrow uses. He feels there is a cover up of a cop’s murder and he won’t quit his investigation. Oliver tells Diggle (David Ramsey) he thinks Prometheus sent the information about the cover up after Oliver talked to his mother.

Susan confronts Oliver; she was fired from her job for plagiarizing. They found plagiarized material in her computer. She thinks Oliver was behind it to discredit her about knowing his secret identity. She doesn’t believe him when he says he wasn’t behind it. Oliver goes to Felicity because he thinks she did it. Oliver is right. Except it was Thea who asked her to do it. She says she didn’t know Susan would get in trouble. (Why would she think putting false information in Susan’s computer wouldn’t get her in trouble? Felicity is a grown woman and doesn’t have to do what Thea Queen requests. I think she didn’t mind screwing with Oliver’s new girlfriend.)

Lance tells Thea he feels guilty about Warner. Thea tells him not to feel guilty about her; he shouldn’t take responsibility for others sins. The women fugitives kidnap a thug because he knows where Church’s money is. Oliver finds Thea to discuss her frame up of Susan. He’s mad that Thea blew up Susan’s life. It really stings Thea when Oliver asks, “Who does this?” Oliver doesn’t want to pursue China White, Cupid, and Warner while the DCU is after him. Lance bucks up Oliver by telling him Billy’s death isn’t his fault. He didn’t let the threats from other opponents from seasons past stop him from pursuing justice and he can’t let the DCU stop him from catching these bad ladies.

Mayor Queen tells Captain Pike that Prometheus manipulated the Green Arrow into killing Detective Malone. He asks Pike not to stop the Green Arrow from being the hero the city needs. The team gets the location where the Church money is. As they head out, Felicity gives Dinah the Black Canary mask. The DCU gets the location too and mounts up to head to where the Green Arrow and his team is heading. The three escapees find the money at a cemetery; Team Arrow confronts them. They have a surprise up their sleeves; they hired an army of thugs to join them. Team Arrow is outnumbered, outgunned, but not outclassed. Fortunately, for them when the DCU arrives they arrest the criminals, not Green Arrow.

Lance tells Warner he no longer feels guilty about her. He gives Dinah his approval for her becoming the new Black Canary. Oliver talks to Thea again, but it is less heated. He is afraid that Thea is acting like their mother. He loves their Mom, but she did make some bad decisions. He is worried Thea won’t make the right choices. Things don’t pick up for Oliver; Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) informs him the Mayor’s office is being investigated for the cover up of Billy Malone’s death.

In the flashback section, Anatoly (David Nykl) tells Oliver the story about the sin-eater. There would be someone in a village who would eat the food of a dead person therefore taking their sin. He advises Oliver not to take on others sins. Some killers are trying to kill Anatoly in a hospital. Oliver is willing to surrender to save Anatoly. Oliver pretends to surrender but kills some men. In the next episode “Fighting Fire with Fire”, we pick up with Oliver’s gun on Gregor (David Meunier). The rest of Gregor’s men show up and aim their weapons at Anatoly, they surrender this time. Back at Bratva headquarters, the rest of the Bratva will vote on the fate of Anatoly. Oliver leaves to find evidence that Gregor made a deal with Kovar (Dolph Lundgren). Oliver breaks into Kovar’s house to get the evidence. Oliver comes back with Kovar’s laptop that documents the dealings between Kovar and Gregor. The Bratva vote goes to Anatoly.

Back to the story in the present day. Oliver tells Dinah, Thea, and Quentin that Prometheus is behind the leak. He will talk to the media. Oliver asks Thea to make things right with Susan. Chase offers his resignation to take the heat off the Mayor, Oliver won’t accept it. He informs Oliver the city council is ready to impeach him. Oliver asks Chase to be his lawyer.

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Curtis is in the Arrow cave creating his T spheres, Rene keeps joking about them being his balls. Oliver needs Felicity to help him get in touch with Susan; she won’t take his calls. Vigilante is aiming at Oliver’s picture. Oliver runs into Susan outside his council hearing. She got a new job at a blog, she is still mad at him. Diggle sees Felicity is running Pandora, the system that helped get John out of prison. Oliver’s hearing isn’t going well. Thea has another ‘evil’ plan to protect Oliver. Vigilante attacks the limo Oliver is a passenger in. Dinah uses her canary scream to stop Vigilante for a moment. When he disables Dinah, Thea jumps him. Before he can kill Oliver, the police arrive.

Chase arrives and everyone is shook up. Oliver is convinced to go to the hospital because he might have a concussion. The doctor knows Oliver is the Green Arrow. (I think she is the doctor who treated Laura when she died.) She wants him to rest. Thea goes to Felicity, this time she wants Felicity to use Pandora to blackmail Councilman Kullens (Greg Rogers). He might have covered up a crime to protect a family member.

Dinah is at the crime scene and finds a piece of Vigilante’s visor. She plans on taking it to Felicity but before she can, Chase shows up and ‘volunteers’ to take it to the police lab. Prometheus and Vigilante meet up to discuss Vigilante’s murder attempt on Oliver. Prometheus tells Vigilante to knock it off, Oliver is his, and beats Vigilante up. After the fight, he removes his mask; it’s DA Adrian Chase!

Felicity is preparing to send the blackmail material to Thea but Diggle talks to her first. He tells Felicity her power is empathy for others. Since Billy’s death, she isn’t feeling a lot of empathy lately. Oliver is trying to keep Thea from blackmailing Councilman Kullens. He tells her not to fight fire with fire.

Dinah steals the visor piece back and Curtis’ T sphere can track the visor piece. To protect his office, Mayor Queen is going to hold a press conference to toss the Green Arrow under the bus. Vigilante is setting up his high-powered rifle to take out Oliver at the press conference. Team Arrow is moving in to stop him. Curtis uses his T spheres to stop Vigilante. He still gets away. Oliver disavows the Green Arrow. Susan later goes to see Oliver. Someone has cleared her name and she has gotten her old job back. She won’t reveal he is the Green Arrow. The city council has voted not to impeach Mayor Queen. Thea has cleared Susan and quits her post. She realizes she is broken and needs to fix herself. Oliver sadly accepts her resignation. Curtis goes to meet Paul Holt (Cenier Hundal) his husband. He thinks they are having dinner to reconcile. Instead, Paul is handing him divorce papers. Felicity meets with the hacker girl who gave her Pandora; she is ready to join her organization, Helix. Chase catches up with Susan and acts creepy. He is no longer trying to hide his Prometheus side.

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