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Oliver Bird (Jermaine Clement), the voice of the coffeemaker and elevators at Summerland, is in a blue crystal room talking into a microphone, explaining there are two kinds of stories, empathy and fear. He is in something that looks like an ice cube.




Back at Summerland, we see montages of David as a child and flash-forwards of the attack at the lighthouse with Syd’s voiceover over it. She keeps beseeching David to “Wake up!” Presently in the lab, Cary Loudermilk (Bill Irwin), Kerry Loudermilk (Amber Midthunder), Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller), and Melanie Bird (Jean Smart) are watching over a comatose David Haller (Dan Stevens). Ptonomy Wallace (Jeremie Harris) says David isn’t braindead or in his memories, but in an astral plane. Melanie sends Ptonomy, Kerry, and Syd out on a mission to find out the truth about David’s memories.

The power of touch
The three detectives arrive at Dr. Poole’s (Scott Lawrence) office. Syd remarks that the office doesn’t quite look like it does in David’s memories. Since David can create simulated reality, Syd wonders if they could still be in his mind. Ptonomy is sure, or is at least pretty sure they aren’t.  They find a blooded, banged up tape recorder in the closet. Ptonomy’s powers allow him to get memories off inanimate objects. He and Syd touch the tape recorder and watch David viciously beat up Dr. Poole. Ptonomy thinks David beat up Dr. Poole because he caught David trying to steal drugs. Syd notices the rips and gaps in David’s memories, she thinks he has hidden his real memories behind fake ones. She hypothesizes that he came here to hide evidence from his sessions, not for the drugs.

Deep down inside
Amy Haller (Katie Aselton) is in a slanted cell with glass instead of bars. At the very top is an area to possibly to sleep at, but I doubt Amy is getting any sleep. The way she is slurping down her meal suggests they aren’t feeding her regularly. Division III aren’t good hosts. In the cell next to her is David’s psychiatrist from Clockworks, Dr. Kissinger (David Ferry). They stashed him here after the incident at the hospital. They discover they are neighbors. She asks him if he knew David had powers. Amy thinks she knew all along that he had powers. There were things David knew that he couldn’t have known, or unexplained things happening around them; it was easier thinking he had mental problems. Kissinger talks about David’s childhood and is shocked when Amy tells him they didn’t have a dog. We see a sinister picture of King. (I didn’t know you could make a Beagle look sinister, congratulations show, you did it.)

The duality reality
After the office visit, Syd, Ptonomy, and Kerry are in the woods. Syd sees the Angry Boy. Kerry shakes her out of her stupor. Syd asks if Kerry lives inside Cary’s body. Kerry says they share it. She gives Syd their story. A pregnant Native American gives birth to a white male. When he is eight-years-old, he sees an eight-year-old Native girl playing with his train. For about a year, he thinks it is his imagination but he finally figures out she lives within her. Cary does all the boring stuff like brushing your teeth or using the bathroom while she does the exciting stuff. He makes her laugh and she keeps him safe. People might consider it weird but she is okay with it. Where they keep Oliver’s body, Melanie asks Cary if he misses Kerry. He remarks that she only ages when she is out of his body. Therefore, he’s an old man and she is a young woman. He wonders what will happen to her when he dies. Melanie sees an apparition of Oliver in a diving suit. She thinks he might be waking up. An alarm with Oliver’s voice says there is an unannounced visitor present.
I don’t like it here
The other personalities are still screaming at a hunched over David. He is finally able to make them disappear and he finds himself in a strange new realm. He meets Oliver in his diving suit in a mountainous green field. He follows Oliver and climbs up a ladder to his ice cube home. After he takes off his diving suit revealing his 70s looking cream-colored suit, he offers David a drink. Oliver puts on the record “Metamorphosis” by Sonny Simmons and groves to the saxophone playing. David doesn’t enjoy the Avant jazz as much. Oliver asks him if we still practice free love, and do women still wear summer dresses with no bras. Unfortunately, for Oliver David reports women are wearing bras again. David doesn’t like Oliver’s beat poetry either.  Oliver assures David his monster can’t get in. David doesn’t know about the monster. Oliver realizes the monster is able to make David forget its existence. The monster isn’t really a monster; it is a parasite. David feels he needs to leave for Amy and Syd’s sakes. Oliver tells David to remember that in the astral plane it’s not real unless you make it real.

Mind sleuthing
Our three detectives are on a bus. Looking out the window Syd sees the Angry Boy again. They are heading to a realtors office to see David’s ex-girlfriend Philly (Ellie Araiza). Ptonomy wants to scan Philly for her memories, to distract her while he does it, he and Syd will play newlyweds. While Syd is talking to her about a house, Ptonomy will play blind and scan her. Kerry will remain outside to look out for any trouble. Ptonomy sees a scene where Dr. Poole is visiting Philly and David at their home. It is very cordial but there are glitches and he sees Philly visiting a visibly bruised Dr. Poole at a lighthouse. Ptonomy sees enough and is ready to go. Syd has to ask Philly if she dated David. They know him and he has said good things about her. Philly tells them she liked David but it was hard, especially with his friend Benny (Kirby Morrow) being around. Both Ptonomy and Syd are shocked to hear the friend was a white middle-aged man, not a young woman named Lenny (Audrey Plaza). Philly has a message for them to give to David, “They’re watching.”

Kerry to the rescue
Dr. Poole greets them at the lighthouse. He still looks bruised and shaken even after all this time. He says that when David was on his medication, he was really into getting better. Benny was a bad influence on David. Syd asks him what the stars said. (What did the stars say?) Dr. Poole would like to see David again. He wants to ask him why he did it. When Dr. Poole asks about Melanie, they immediately get suspicious. Kerry spots Division III troops. Dr. Poole transforms into The Eye (Mackenzie Gray). The flash-forward scenes we had seen at the beginning of the episode start happening. The shooting begins and Syd, Kerry, and Ptonomy run upstairs. Kerry jumps out the window to fight the Division III troops below.

In the heat of battle
Oliver puts on another record, “Undiscovered First” by Feist. Cary is sweeping the floor near David. Suddenly he is aware something is going on with Kerry and his movements matches hers. Ptonomy shoots at The Eye but the bullets aren’t hitting him. Oliver starts dancing. Amy is pacing in her slanted cell. Ptonomy foolishly attacks The Eye. Cary is matching all of Kerry’s fight moves against the Division III troops. The Eye puts the whammy on Ptonomy and heads towards Syd. Cary and Kerry feel triumphant from defeating the Division III soldiers before them, but more troops show up. Syd takes off her gloves and touches The Eye, switching bodies with him. The new troops overwhelm Kerry and gives her a severe beating; Cary feels every blow as both are knocked out. Syd in The Eye’s body tells the troops to toss her body, Ptonomy, and Kerry in the van.

Lenny to the rescue
Lenny shows up in David’s head. She looks evil now. David asks, “Who are you?” She is the one who shows the tough love. She wants to get out of the astral plane. She shows David on a little TV screen Syd being unconscious. She eggs him on to get madder, and behind him, she transforms into the yellow-eyed-devil. David wakes up and transports himself in front of the van and makes it crash. He thinks he is rescuing Syd but instead it’s The Eye in Syd’s body. Syd in the Eye’s body sees her counterpart prepare to stab David. She throws a tire iron to stop him. David tells The Eye in Syd’s body to run and tackles Syd in The Eye’s body to the ground. They finally switch back to their original bodies. (Thankfully!) The Eye shoots Kerry; Cary feels the shot and crumbles. Evil Lenny is right behind David wrapping her fingers around his head.



Compared to Chapter 1 and 2, Chapter 3 was relatively straightforward. Chapter 4 took the story, tossed it in the air, and twisted it back up. The solid ground I thought I had with David’s story is sinking in quicksand. There were two big shocks; the cute beagle King never existed, and David’s druggie friend on the outside was a middle-aged slob named Benny, not a cute druggie girl named Lenny. If we believe Philly, Lenny didn’t exist in the outside world as David’s memories led us to believe. The only reason I think Lenny existed in the hospital was because Syd saw her. That is of course if we believe Syd exists or if anything on this show exists. I’m getting a headache now. Let us assume things and people actually exist on the show; if Lenny is real, someone altered David’s memories and stitched Lenny in to replace Benny. We don’t know who that someone is, prime suspects being David or the yellow-eyed devil.

The episode had a clip show feeling. All of the montages and scenes spliced in the story were scenes from the previous three episodes. What they perfectly did was use these familiar scenes to have us question everything we’ve seen before. Like us, Syd is also beginning to question David. She isn’t sure who the man she loves really is. It’s confusing but still great. The acting and character development is still excellent. This show isn’t heavy on action scenes like most comic book shows, but when they do an actions scene, it is exciting and memorable. Bill Irwin mimicking Amber Midthunder in the fight scene beautifully choreographed. The show and David’s mind is fragmented, but they do a wonderful job of keeping the emotional context of the show grounded. These feel like real people in an extraordinary situation.

Grade: A-

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