Pearl Mackie Confirms That New Doctor Who Companion Bill Potts Is Gay

From Digital Spy When Doctor Who returns to BBC One on April 15, the Doctor (Peter Capaldi) will meet a new friend, Bill Potts. Now, actress Pearl Mackie – who plays Bill – has confirmed that her character is openly gay, saying that “representation is important, especially on a mainstream show” . . . Continue […]

Town of Light – Renée Unleashed – Video Released Ahead of Console Launch

From The Gamerholics If there are two things that video gaming does not usually address, it is the history of mental illness, combined with the devastating effect of single mothers giving up their children to mental asylums because they cannot handle the stigma of having an ill child (or afford to properly care for them). […]

Final Fantasy 14 TV Series Heading To Netflix This Fall

From Gamespot The title may sound a bit like an early April Fool’s joke, but the Final Fantasy series is making its streaming television debut with a new show called Final Fantasy XIV: Daddy of Light. The Japanese TV drama, originally called Final Fantasy XIV: Hikari no Otousan in Japanese, premieres in April in Japan […]