The Expanse Season 2 Episode 5: Home

by Kbear! on February 25, 2017

On the move

In last week’s episode, Josephus Miller (Thomas Jayne) is on Eros with a nuclear bomb that has a faculty detonator switch. The Protomolecule enabled the asteroid to dodge a collision from the Navuoo as it heads to an unknown destination. The Rocinante is in hot pursuit.

An earth marine colonel tells Chrisjen Avasarala (Shohreh Aghdashloo) that Eros is leaving its orbit and they don’t know where it is headed. Everyone’s first thought is to blame Mars, but they soon find out Mars doesn’t know what is happening either. The Mormons, in Salt Lake City contact the UN and tells them that Colonel Fred Johnson (Chad Coleman) has commandeered the Navuoo.

Back on the Rocinante Naomi Nagata (Dominique Tipper) with assistance from Amos Burton (Wes Chatham) are doing scientific calculations about Eros. The ship is on autopilot but because Eros is going faster, Alex Kamal (Cas Anvar) has to go back upstairs to pilot the ship. The same colonel informs everyone in the situation room that Eros is heading towards Earth.

A question of loyalty 

Sadavir Errinwright (Shawn Doyle) is alone in his office having a stiff drink and leaving a message for Jules-Pierre Mao (Francois Chao). He is mad at Mao for his experiment on Eros and scared what it will now do to Earth. He tells Mao that he is a man of Earth while Mao is a man of the system. Back in the situation room, Errinwright recommends that they use the planetary defense system to launch missiles at Eros before it hits Earth.

Your mission— should you decide to accept 

The Rocinante has an audio and video link to Miller on Eros. Naomi recommends Miller go inside the station to blow up Eros. They will swoop in and rescue him before the nuke goes off. Miller will need to rig a dead man’s switch. Miller agrees with the plan and will, “Take my pet nuke for a walk.” While Miller if forcing his way into the station, the UN has launched the missiles.

Miller is lugging the nuke up stairs. The nuke slips and starts its countdown. Miller is able to get to the detonator before the nuke explodes. He can hear distant voices. He reports to the Rocinante that he found some dead bodies but the Protomolecule isn’t bothering with them. There are blue lights flying around him like flies. From the Tycho station, Colonel Johnson is watching the launch of Earth’s missiles on radar. So is James Holden (Steven Strait) on the Rocinante. Then they both notice that Eros is no longer on radar; the missiles won’t be able to hit it.

Trust me. I have a plan.

Johnson enters Paolo Cortazar’s (Carlos Conzalez-vio) cell. He asks the mad scientist what Eros is doing. He happily replies Eros is becoming. Colonel Johnson contacts the UN and reports he is monitoring the situation. He has a ship pursuing Eros; they can lazar paint Eros to target it for the missiles. He needs the UN to give him control of the missiles so he can guide the missiles towards Eros. The situation room goes into an uproar, how can they trust a “terrorist” like Fred Johnson. Chrisjen wants to hear from the Rocinante captain. She vouches for Holden even though everyone else thinks he is Fred’s puppet.

They get hold of Holden and he introduces himself. He asks the UN to give Johnson control of the missiles. He has seen the situation on Eros first hand and they do not want Eros anywhere near Earth. Without a real choice in the matter, they agree to hand control over to Colonel Johnson.




Haul ass, son

Naomi tells Miller to hurry; the missiles are headed their way. Euros seems to know this too because the asteroid gains speed. The Rocinante has to pick up speed to chase it. The additional G’s is dangerous for the crew so they have to strap in and inject drugs to handle the pressure.

Chrisjen is alone at the UN, the other chiefs have evacuated but she decides to stay. She calls her husband Arjun (Brian George) to say goodbye. He is sad but supportive of her decision, he knows the type of woman she is.



Love conquers all

Miller has made it to the middle of the station. He sees the crystallized form of some of the former inhabitants. The whole area is crystallized. Miller hears the voices more clearly, they sound like they have consciousness. He thinks this is Julie’s consciousness. He tell the Rocinante to slow down before they kill themselves. He is going to negotiate with Julie to slow down Eros. Holden thinks this is crazy but he goes along with it. He contacts Colonel Johnson to ask him not to target Eros. Fred is worried the UN will think he is trying to steal the missiles but he has no choice since he can’t target Eros anyway. They will guide the missiles somewhere where they cannot do any harm. It is all up to Miller now.

Miller is at the Blue Falcon hotel where they found Julie’s body. It is the center of all the activity. A crystallized bird like the one in Julie’s apartment flies by. He finds a version of Julie Mao (Florence Faivre) still alive, attached to the Protomolecule. She and it have merged with it taking her DNA and memories as its own. Julie is confused and doesn’t know where she is or what is happening. Miller introduces himself and tell her she needs to stop Eros. Julie just wants to go home and can’t control what is happening. Miller is able to comfort her and explain what is happening. He takes off his headgear and gloves, breathing in the Protomolecule and touching Julie. He takes her hand and tells her he won’t leave her. He asks if she could guide Eros to Venus instead of Earth. They kiss and Eros crashes into Venus.

Happy ending?

Chrisjen lays on the roof of her house and looks at the stars. The crew of the Rocinante drinks to honor Miller. Miller gets everything he could have possibly wished for; love and a purpose.





This was the best episode of the series. It was exciting, suspenseful, emotional, and beautiful. I’m going to miss Thomas Jayne on the show, but if you have to go out, this is the way to do it. Sometimes shows will kill a character because they need something to give the show a jolt so they will announce, “One of these characters will die”. The death has no impact on the story; it is just one less actor to pay. This death was essential to the story. They earned the emotions we felt for Miller’s death. I wonder what the Protomolecule is going to do to Venus.

Grade: A

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