Legion Season 1 Episode 1: Chapter 2

by Kbear! on February 16, 2017

Mind Whisperer

David Haller (Dan Stevens), Syd Barrett (Rachel Keller), Ptonomy Wallace (Jeremie Harris), and Melanie Bird (Jean Smart) are in the woods pursued by government agents led by The Eye (Mackenzie Gray) from Division III. Our fugitives are heading towards their retreat, Summerland. They are on a boat going up river to a cover of “The Road to Nowhere”. Summerland is a rustic retreat where mutants go to do therapeutic work. Melanie tells David he isn’t a paranoid schizophrenic; he instead is a powerful telepath and telekinetic. His powers give the appearance of mental illness. Since David is off his meds, he is hearing a multitude of voices. Melanie shows him how to control the voices by listening to one voice and mentally turning the other voices down. He does this and feels much better. They need to find out what powers he has and what their triggers are. The goal is to make him whole.

The World’s Angriest Boy

Ptonomy, Melanie, and David are sitting around a table while Syd stands in the background. They are preparing to do memory work. Ptonomy is a memory artist and he will help David sort through his memories. The first memory is David as a child running through an open field with his sister Amy. He goes up to his smiling mother. These are happy memories for him. His father is reading a book to him for bedtime, “The World’s Angriest Boy”. This horrible bedtime story freaks out young David and he switches to adult David. We switch to David in his early 20s with his psychiatrist Dr. Poole (Scott Lawrence). He’s discussing David’s relationship with his girlfriend Philly (Ellie Araiza). They have a very erratic relationship and this isn’t good for David in his condition. David sees Lenny Busker (Audrey Plaza) and wakes up from this exercise.

During their break, Ptonomy asks David about the book. It is a strange book to be reading to a child and I’m glad the show recognizes that. The artwork is terrifying. He assures David the first time doing memory work is a bitch. While the gang is chilling out, Division III is still looking for them somewhere in the woods. Syd is on swing complaining about memory work to David. They discuss her switching with David, what she felt, heard, and saw as him. “Don’t Say Goodbye” by Johnny Woodson is playing in the background. She says the yellow-eyed demon. When they made the switch, the mutants and government picked up David’s power. When Melanie and her group picked him up, to their surprise they got her. (It’s a funny scene of David in the car and then suddenly it’s Syd, the looks on their faces was priceless.) She apologizes for Lenny’s death. He tells her it isn’t her fault.  Syd describes how it feels like a thousand little ants on her skin when she is about to touch someone. David says they are having “a romance of the mind.”

Their lab technician, Cary Loudermilk (Bill Irwin) has David in a MRI machine to check his brain. David flashes back to young adult David and Amy (Katie Aselton). Her boyfriend is going to propose to her. David doesn’t seem that excited about it. She asks about his girlfriend. He is a little vague about it. Amy believes that David can have the wife, home, all the things a normal person can have. Because of his mental illness, David doesn’t think it’s possible for him.  We switch from normalcy to an abnormally strange situation, Lenny pushing a stove down an alley. She and David are going to sell it to score drugs. Lenny is bargaining for the price of the stove and David sees the yellow-eyed demon.

For some reason, Ptonomy and Melanie are in Dr. Poole’s office during David’s therapy session. The doctor asks him about the incident. We see a brief glimpse of the kitchen scene and then we get a glitch and we are back in David’s childhood. David is more powerful than Ptonomy is used to, something or David is keeping them from seeing the exploding kitchen scene. “The World’s Angriest Boy” drops from the book shelf and it scares kid and adult David.

Isn’t It Always About Avenging a Sister?

Syd checks in on David to see how he is doing. He is back in the lab with Cary who is trying to map David’s memories. Cary is talking to someone, Kerry; David asks if he’s talking to himself. We see a glimpse of Kerry Loudermilk (Amber Midthunder) who was with Ptonomy and Syd when they rescued him from the government facility. (We still haven’t heard her speak yet. I guess she’s real, of course I don’t know if anyone on this show is real.) We are back in his memories; he is talking to Dr. Poole. David’s father was an astronomer. They were driving in the middle of the night to look at stars. We never see his face. David hears a woman’s voice, but it isn’t from the past but in the present. He can hear Amy at Clockworks looking for him. David astral projects to the hospital, they are acting as if he doesn’t exist. The person at the desk threatens to lock up Amy for being crazy if she doesn’t leave. The Eye and some government agents grab Amy. The readings on the MRI are going crazy so Cary leaves David alone. We see David laying in a room while the MRI machine is outside on Summerland grounds. Syd intercepts David at the elevators leaving to rescue his sister. Syd tells him he needs more training before he can rescue Amy. David asks how does she know they won’t kill her; Syd response is simple, “she’s bait.” David stays to continue their work. The Eye has a confused and frightened Amy in an office, ready to interrogate her.



This is a nice continuation from last week’s premiere. Last week we were introduced to Ptonomy, Kerry and Melanie, this week we actually get to learn some things about Ptonomy and Melanie. I still don’t know anything about Kerry. Maybe next week. Summerland is a secret retreat for mutants. Division III seemed to be on their trail but the retreat must be well hidden; maybe some mutant powers are keeping the government from detecting it. Melanie tells David that he has powers; he is not suffering from mental illness. Can’t he have both? Obviously, he has powers, we wouldn’t have a show if he didn’t, but maybe his powers are tied to his mental illness or his powers helped cause them. I wouldn’t dismiss the mental illness totally out of hand. Last week I thought Melanie might have sent Syd to observe and get close to David, but it seems Syd is new to this too. I wonder if this means Syd didn’t know she was a mutant until they grabbed her by mistake.  Ptonomy is an interesting character; he seems to have a lot of depth.  Melanie seems to be a benevolent leader, but I wonder if there is something darker going on with her? Is Summertime just a retreat to help mutants or something more nefarious? They want David for this war against the government; I wonder who started the war. I was surprised that Lenny and David were friends before the hospital. I thought they had met as patients and became friends, but it looks like they were committing petty crime and doing drugs together for a while. I’d like more backstory on their relationship. Not as much action as last week; I don’t think this is the type of show you should be looking for a big action set piece each week. The main action every week is what is going on inside David. There is a constant battle going on in his mind.

Grade: A-

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