Nayah Solutions Proceeds to Final Selection Phase of Sida’s Calls for Proposals: ICT for Empowerment of Women and Girls

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (Sida) has selected Nayah Solutions to proceed to the second and final stage of selection of  Sida’s Calls for Proposals: ICT for Empowerment of Women and Girls.

The proposal entitled, Nayah Solutions’ Mobile Development Training for High School Girls in Sub-Saharan Africa, details a plan for Nayah Solutions to partner with universities in Uganda, Senegal, and South Africa to develop a mobile application mentorship program between university students and high school girls. The university students will receive mentoring from software engineers, university faculty, and local developers to prepare them to mentor local high school girls. The girls will receive additional mentoring from local technology and business leaders.

Sida received a total of 301 applications. They selected 35 applications, including Nayah Solutions, to proceed to the final selection phase.  Sida will announce their final decision during the first quarter of 2013.

BeLinda Nichols, co-founder and CEO, of Nayah Solutions stated, “Our team is excited and grateful to make it to the final selection round.  We want university computer science students to mentor local high school girls in mobile development.  We feel high school girls will respond favorably to university students as technology mentors. Since university students are closer to their age, they have the potential to communicate and inspire these girls in a unique and meaningful way. These young minds learn to work together and set the course of technology innovation for their generation and beyond.”

NSF Staff