Review: Logan Is the Best Wolverine Movie, Period.

From CBR

“Logan” is rumored to be the last Wolverine movie that we’ll see from Hugh Jackman. Lucky for fans, it’s also the very best. “The Wolverine” director James Mangold has re-teamed with Jackman for an intense Western that re-introduces the brutish X-Men as a cowboy, wracked with remorse and reckoning with redemption. No, there’s nothing so literal as Stetson hats and spurs, but “Logan” does boast galloping horses, suspenseful shoot-outs, and a black hat baddie (Boyd Holbrook) with a gold tooth and a Southern drawl that spits threats thick and squarely like chewing tobacco. Here, Logan is a lawless man, one who’ll risk everything for a society of which he knows he can no longer be a part. And so sings his tragedy . . . Continue reading

NSF Staff