Review: Logan Is the Best Wolverine Movie, Period.

From CBR “Logan” is rumored to be the last Wolverine movie that we’ll see from Hugh Jackman. Lucky for fans, it’s also the very best. “The Wolverine” director James Mangold has re-teamed with Jackman for an intense Western that re-introduces the brutish X-Men as a cowboy, wracked with remorse and reckoning with redemption. No, there’s nothing so […]

Fluidø: Controversial Queer Sci-Fi Porn Musical Provoked Walkouts At Berlinale Festival

From Movie Pilot Warning: NSFW Remember when people were shocked to see some full-frontal robot peen during the first season of HBO’s Westworld?? Well, prepare to have your minds (and maybe even something else) blown by the sheer amount of hardcore sex on display in director Shu Lea Cheang’s latest #LGBT f**kfest, Fluidø. Attendees of […]

Bradford Young Breaks Color Barrier With Oscar Nomination for Arrival

From Variety Ending an 87-year drought, the Academy finally nominated its first African-American cinematographer, Bradford Young, for his dark, richly textured work on Denis Villeneuve’s science-fiction hit “Arrival.” Young had already picked awards twice at Sundance for his lensing on Dee Rees’ “Pariah” and shooting Andrew Dosunmu’s “Mother of George” and David Lowery’s “Ain’t Them […]