Legion Gets the Mystery Box Formula Right Where Westworld Failed

The Verge Thanks to the rise of J.J. Abrams and the success of Lost, a significant corner of genre fiction has been in thrall to the “mystery box.” As Abrams said during that now-infamous TED Talk back in 2007, the idea of a mystery box represents “infinite possibility.” It’s an enticing premise: any reader or […]

Nick Farmer, Creator of The Expanse Belter Language, Talks The Art Of Language Invention

From Fora.tv Nick Farmer and David J. Peterson Who says linguistics isn’t fun? Ever heard of “conlang”? Join this insiders’ tour through the construction of invented languages. David Peterson created languages for the HBO series “Game of Thrones” and the Syfy series “Defiance.” Nick Farmer created the Belter conlang for Syfy’s “The Expanse.” This conversation may […]