By Kbear January 30, 2017

Quick highlights from Scandal, Supergirl, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, Arrow, and The Young Pope

Did you catch Scandal last night?

Olivia Pope and associates came back with the results of the presidential election between Millie Grant and Frankie Vargas. Vargas won and for his trouble, he got a bullet in the head. The President-elect was assassinated election night during his speech.

This election season, real or fictional, has not been good for Hispanics. We don’t know who pulled the trigger, but Olivia thinks Cyrus Beene called the hit to become POTUS. Even though he might have done it, it seems a little too obvious. My guess is Papa Pope called the hit and had his puppet Jake do it. There could be a third party involved, maybe a sovereign from another state? Since it’s Scandal maybe it’s the other Pope. Wouldn’t it be a great crossover if the Pope were Pope Pius XIII from the Young Pope? Call me Shonda; I have a million more like this.

DC’s Berlanti-verse

Supergirl / “Supergirl Lives”

Kara and Mon-El go off world to save kidnapped Earthlings ending up as intergalactic slaves.

Unfortunately, for both of them, the planet they ended up on had a red sun. Kara and Mon-El draw their strength from a yellow sun. Even though powerless, with Kara’s encouragement they still carried out their mission to rescue the kidnapped humans. They received an assist from the DEO team. Alex led the rescue mission team including a reluctant Winn who was gun shy from getting his butt kicked earlier assisting the Guardian. Everyone gets to prove his or her mettle, especially Mon-El and Winn. After nearly sacrificing his life to help the kidnapped victims and Kara, Mon-El decides he wants to be like her and become a superhero. Winn defends himself on the planet and is ready to rejoin Jimmy on their vigilante quest. Kara is the best even if she has her superpowers or not. Alex learned a valuable lesson, it’s okay to be happy and not to feel like she has to carry the weight of the world. She blamed herself for Kara’s predicament because she is in a happy new relationship. Alex temporarily broke up with Maggie because of it. Maggie forgives her and proves she’s smart by figuring out Kara is Supergirl all by herself.
The Flash / “Borrowing Problems From The Future”

Barry is having nightmares about Iris’ dying in about four months at the hands of Savitar. Iris knows something is wrong but Barry won’t tell her what it is. He and Wally go to stop a robbery.

The robber is named Plunder. He was in the news crawl Barry saw in the future when he saw Iris murdered. In the news crawl Barry had arrested him and Plunder was on trial. To change the future, Barry decides to let him go, but Wally is there and when Plunder tries to kill Barry, Wally rescues him and Barry has to arrest him. Everyone at Star Labs is proud of Wally except Barry who reams him out for not following his training and just observing but getting involved. Finally Barry tells Iris and they both tell everyone else but Joe what the future might hold for her. Iris doesn’t want to tell Joe out of fear her father might hunt down Savitar by himself and get killed.

Cisco uses his vibe power to take Barry and him back to the future. They see a small difference in the scene where Iris is killed; so they take down every headline from the news crawl and decide to make changes in these stories so they can change the future and save Iris. One of the changes they need to make is the headline that Killer Frost is on the loose. Now they have another objective, to save Caitlin. First step in changing the future, letting Wally capture Plunder which Wally successfully does. The crowd chants his name and we have a new hero in Central City. HR opens the Star Lab museum and with some quick thinking from Cisco, the museum might succeed. Per Caitlin’s request, Julian joins the team. Now with a plan to change the future, they have some hope that they can stop Savitar.

Legends of Tomorrow / “Raiders of the Lost Art”

Missiles are headed towards the Waverider and Rip Hunter is giving orders to Gideon. He goes to a secret panel and pulls out The Spear of Destiny and shuts down Gideon so he can hit an energy source to get off the ship. We are back to the present time and Martin overhears Mick talking to Snart. Mick asks Martin to help get Snart out of his brain and not to tell anyone. A disturbance is picked up in 1967 LA, so they go to investigate. They find their former captain Rip Hunter now known as film student Phil Casmer with his prop manager a young George Lucas. The Legends are greeted by two members of the Legion of Doom, Malcolm Merlyn and Damien Darhk. A fight ensues and they are able to rescue Rip. He doesn’t have The Spear of Destiny on him, George Lucas has it. It is important because it can rewrite reality. Amaya, Nate and Rick go to retrieve The Spear of Destiny from George Lucas and to persuade him to continue becoming a filmmaker. Without his films, Nate and Rick aren’t inspired to become the historian and inventor they became, and are useless to the team. When they find him, they of course run into Malcolm and Darhk. George Lucas had thrown out his props, The Spear of Destiny was mixed in with the props. Malcolm and Darhk capture them and dump them in a trash compactor to find it. The trash compactor is turned on to crush our heroes and George Lucas but Rip comes out of the Waverider to save the day. Except Rip is only playing his heroic self because hitting that energy source has made him lose his memory. Everyone escapes except Rip because the Reverse Flash zips in and captures him. The Legends have The Spear of Destiny and convinced George Lucas to continue being a filmmaker. They have a new mission, rescue Rip. The Legion of Doom do not have the piece of The Spear of Destiny Rip had but they think he knows where the other pieces are and they plan to torture him to find it.

Arrow / “Who Are You?”

Is this the deceased Laura Lance that Oliver is talking too? Oliver sure thinks so, Felicity, not so much. We find out pretty early in the episode that it isn’t our Laura Lance, it is the evil one from Earth 2 that is locked up in the pipeline in Central City. Well how can she be here then?

Prometheus broke Black Siren out and brought her here to mess with Oliver’s head. Mission accomplished. He and Black Siren aren’t on the same page; he threatens her to keep her in line. Later she and Oliver agree to meet at Laura’s statue to talk. Oliver believes that even though Black Siren isn’t our Laura and that she’s evil, there might still be some good in her. Felicity, not so much. She tells the team behind Oliver’s back that if Black Siren does anything to double-cross Oliver to take her out. Black Siren pulls something out and the team thinks it’s a gun so a fight commences. They capture her. It wasn’t a gun and Oliver is mad that Felicity countermanded his orders. Felicity goes to talk to the captured Siren, it’s apparent the two ladies don’t like each other. Even though Black Siren wants to convince Oliver she isn’t that bad, she doesn’t hide her evil intent to Felicity. The power goes out and Black Siren escapes. Black Siren’s escape is Felicity’s plan, she allowed her to escape so that she can lead them to Prometheus. Team Arrow tracks her to a warehouse. Felicity was right, she does lead them to Prometheus. A big fight breaks out, Oliver isn’t able to capture Prometheus because he has to go back to save Felicity, Black Siren is using her sonic call to kill both of them. Luckily Curtis is also a genius and he creates a device to silence her. Felicity knocks the silenced Black Siren out.

Instead of sending her back to Star Lab, they send her to ARGUS for safe keeping. While all of this is going on, John is back in prison. Oliver sends Star City DA Adrian Chase to defend him. The corrupt General Walker tries to transfer him to a military prison immediately so he can have Diggle killed. Thinking quickly, Adrian tells John to hit him. When John does, Adrian arrests him for hitting a public official and keeps him in the Star City jail. Oliver decides they need a new Black Canary and in Hub City there is a young woman using the sonic call to beat up some bad guys. We’ll be meeting her soon.

The Young Pope /”Third Episode” and “Fourth Episode”

My new favorite show of 2017 The Young Pope was outstanding again. In “Episode 3” Lenny and Spencer both want to know how Lenny became the Pope. Voiello’s plan was for Lenny to be a compromise candidate between the conservative and progressive wings of the church. (And be Voiello’s puppet of course.) Something happened and it got beyond Voiello’s control and the Cardinals were voting for Lenny for their own reasons. Voiello called it “the breath of the Holy Spirit”. No one knows for sure how Lenny won, or at least they aren’t telling. Voiello is busy blackmailing people. In this episode, he blackmails Gutierrez to tell him what he and Lenny were talking about or he would inform the Pope of Gutierrez being an alcoholic. It’s a funny scene because Gutierrez’s bed is covered with stuffed animals and underneath it is a box full of alcohol. Maybe it’s a sad scene, which can be said for many of the scenes on this show. Sister Mary is forced by Lenny to conduct his press conference; it goes as well for her as it did for Sean Spicer. Sister Mary is worried about her boy and wants him to get guidance from Cardinal Spencer. Spencer is still bitter about being bypassed for the Papacy, and tells Lenny, “you’ll be a terrible pope, the worst.”

In “Episode 4” Voiello is back in the blackmail game, threatening to tell the Pope about Esther’s infidelity unless she seduces the Pope. This is Voiello at his lowest. Sister Suree’s sister has died, so Lenny has her body flown to the Vatican for burial. How nice! When Sister Suree starts crying over her sister’s body, Lenny tells her to stop crying, “Believers don’t cry, that’s not right!” What a dick! Lenny is also nice to Esther, showing her how to pray. He doesn’t even turn around and do something dickish. The Prime Minister of Greenland meets the Pope. She is very nice and brings the Pope gifts. Lenny is, well he is himself. He tells her he knows he’s handsome and tells her Catholics occupied Greenland first, so it’s there land really. One of the gifts is a record by an Italian singer who is very popular in Greenland. Everyone has to sit and listen to it. Lenny looks bored. Later when he’s by himself, he sees the Prime Minister sexily dancing to the tune. Whether she was, actually doing that is anyone’s guess. One thing this show nails for our new era is the fear and confusion a new unconventional leader can stir up. Lenny is so weird and off putting that, Voiello and the rest of the Vatican don’t know what to make of him. We also are feeling that about our new leader. I wonder if there is a kangaroo jumping around the White House grounds.

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