Westworld Season 1 Episode 7: Tromp L’Oeil

by kbear on November 25, 2016

bernardIn this episode, Bernard is in the lab asking a host if he knows his reality. He later realizes that Elsie is missing after her mission from the last episode. Bernard tries to locate Elsie. Strangely he doesn’t seem as concerned as he should be about her. Bernard and Theresa engage in a tense discussion. Being dumped and finding out she might be double crossing your company can do that.

After her encounter with Bernard, Theresa hears some heavy screwing noises.  It’s Charlotte Hale from Delos banging Hector. Bandit, sex toy, quite a career you have my friend. Charlotte goes over the park’s mishaps with Theresa. She discusses the board’s plans. They want Ford’s IP code. They want to get rid of him but are worried if they try to force him out, he’ll nuke his IP on the way out. They need to find a way to get him to resign and get hold of his code before he can destroy it. Charlotte has a “brilliant” plan, use a host to discredit him.


Maeve wakes up, walks to work and is completely aware of her surroundings. She hates this place with her entire being. Maeve asks Clementine what her dreams are beyond working at the saloon and being a plaything for the guest. The backstory they’ve given Clementine is her family has a small farm in the desert. She’s at the saloon making enough money to move her family away from there for a better life. Maeve looks at Clementine with pity. Suddenly everyone freezes, Maeve sees the techs in their hazards suits heading for the saloon. Maeve thinks they are coming for her and grabs a knife to defend herself. She soon realizes they aren’t there for her, they have come for Clementine. Poor Clementine is Charlotte’s “brilliant” plan against Ford.


Ford, Charlotte, Bernard and Theresa are in the lab with Clementine. Thor’s brother, the security chief is also there. They have a staff member with Clementine. He brutally beats the hell out of Clementine. Then they do something, changing her code, so Clementine exacts revenge and beats the hell out of the staff member. The staff member is actually a host himself. So there is a host on staff, something to remember for later. Charlotte claims that the host can remember what’s happened to them and can attack people. She doesn’t know how close to the truth she is. To punish Ford, she fires Bernard.

William, Lawrence, and Dolores are on the train heading to Ghost Nation territory. They spot heads on spikes. William asks Dolores if she’s sure she’ll find the place she’s looking for. She asks William what he is looking for. William tells Dolores about his childhood, the only thing he had as a kid were books and the stories in them. He wants to live in the stories. Dolores replies she wants to be in the moment she is in. He further explains that he’s engaged to Juliet, Logan’s sister. Their family owns the company he works for. He confesses that he has been pretending all his life. Here with her he can be more himself. Magic words, he and Dolores merge humanity with machine.


The morning after, William observes that the park reveals a person’s true self. He tells Dolores she has unlocked something in him. She informs him she isn’t his key. Our little robot is beginning to gain some personhood. The train stops, oh no it’s an ambush. The confederate whatever’s have a rattling gun and start shooting up the train. Our guys fill one of their dead compatriots with explosives and explode him as a diversion so they can make a run for it. Just when it looks like they’re done, the cavalry shows up, in the form of the Ghost Nation. They make quick work out of the confederate whatever’s. William, Dolores and Lawrence get to an area that looks like the drawings that Dolores has been making. Lawrence tells them the area they are going to no one has ever returned from. Dolores and William decide to continue on their own.

Maeve is back in the lab with her lackey Lutz. She is there to look for Clementine. She sees Sylvester use a drill to lobotomize Clementine. It is heartbreaking to watch. Maeve has had enough of this hellhole; she tells the boys she’s out of here. She informs Lutz and Sylvester they are going to help her escape, or ELSE.

Bernard takes Theresa to Ford’s hidden homestead in the park. He tells her what he suspects Ford is up to. They come to a door that Bernard can’t see. OH NO!! They go downstairs to find a fully operating lab where a new host is being built. Theresa comes upon some schematics of host, one is of Dolores and the last one is BERNARD!! He’s a host people. Ford shows up and starts giving a monologue like all true villains do. He explains to Theresa that he saw through her and Charlotte’s rouse, that he enjoys these little showdowns with Delos, but they won’t be getting his IP. He orders Bernard to kill her and Bernard goes all robotic and kills his former lover.

If you’ve spent any time online, you’ve seen millions of theories about Westworld. One of the original ones was that Bernard was a host. To be honest the show gave us clues throughout the previous six episodes, so this revelation didn’t come out of thin air. I think they are being honest with all of the twists that will be revealed by the end of this season. Some of them might not be as clear cut as Bernard, but they aren’t trying to fool us. One mystery is solved, 999,999 to go. We are beginning to get a sense of what this world is. With Ford, Delos, hell the entire human race, there seems to be no shortage of bad guys. After this election, I’m really beginning to side with the host. This can’t be real.


Grade: A

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