What a great first day!

Nayah Solutions conducted its App Inventor class with 14 members of the Tanzania Youth Icon (TAYI) Community Center. The participants were extremely excited and anxious to learn how to develop mobile apps.


Their ages ranged from mid to late teens, and early 20s. 2014-12-20 10.42.13They see this class as an opportunity to learn a skill that can change the course of their lives. As mentioned in previous posts, these youth are school dropouts. Despite their lack of formal education, they are extremely bright and caught on very quickly to the class material.







Sabbah Mohammed, our 17-year old instructor, was sensational. She explained the material and gained an instant rapport with the students.

I am particularly proud of her because she is painfully shy. She seldom speaks unless spoken to first. To see her shine in public and lead the class was amazing.

This week we introduced App Inventor by setting up phone connections (and downloading the emulator), reviewing the user interface, and showing them how to create some very basic apps. Next week we continue with more simple apps.

The students loved the idea of dividing into groups to create apps for a competition. We’ll invite faculty from The State University of Zanzibar (SUZA) to judge. Nayah Solutions will provide prizes for first, second, and third place. The competition will also be a good way for SUZA to identify students who have the potential to code apps, and provide a mobile programming class for them.


BeLinda Nichols

NSF Staff