SUZA Workshop

SUZA Workshop

Nayah Solutions is excited to announce our first pilot initiative, in collaboration with the State University of Zanzibar (Zanzibar, Tanzania) to provide mobile development instruction to faculty and university students.

Below are some pics from the on-going progress of this exciting initiative. We’re happy to report that the workshop has been a great success thus far! In addition to a closing ceremony where students will have the opportunity to present the apps they have developed, students will also have the opportunity to present their ideas for apps that could improve their community, even if those aren’t built yet.

With the success of this workshop, and many more to come, we hope to encourage and inspire others to join in our efforts to provide a platform for growth and understanding in the technological arena.

Target date: May 27-30, 2013

Nayah Solutions team: Thiago Santos, Instructor
BeLinda Nichols, Curriculum Design

State University of Zanzibar team:
Dr. Idris Rai, Vice-Chancellor
Yahya H. Sheik, Professor, Computer Science

SUZA Workshop

Picture taken with Google Glass

Instructor, Thiago Santos. Captured with Google Glass.

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