Oussouye Connect

Oussouye Connect

USAIDSenegal_trimNayah Solutions, in collaboration with USAID/EPQ and MobileSenegal, will create a four-week pilot course in social media and Google Maps for middle school students from Oussouye, Senegal at the University of Ziguinchor. The course targets a middle school audience with limited exposure to Internet technologies.

Date: August 17, 24, 31, and September 7
Nayah Solutions: BeLinda Nichols
MobileSenegal: Dr. Christelle Scharff
USAid Senegal: Isabel Dillener


Social Media
Students will learn the following about social media: history, uses, appropriate behavior, and an overview of popular tools. Topics include:
• Opening a Facebook account
• Inviting friends
• Generating content (such as photos and videos)
• Attracting audiences
• Evaluating page statistics

Mobile and Social Media
Students will be introduced to mobile platforms, in particular tablets. After understanding the notions of mobile platforms, mobile Internet and applications, students will learn how to use social media applications on tablets as an alternative to the desktop. They will also use tablets as cameras and camcorders to facilitate the generation of content. Topics include:
• Learning about applications and browsers
• Getting a photo from a tablet
• Getting a video from a tablet
• Launching applications
• Reviewing popular applications
• Learning about video
• Uploading video
• Using titles and tags for video
• Evaluating video statistics

Google Maps
Students will learn about GPS coordinates and mapping of local landmarks using personalized Google Maps. They will be able to share the maps they will design on Facebook. As an exercise, students will determine the GPS coordinates of the University of Ziguinchor and of their CEM in Oussouye. Topics include:
• Learning about GPS coordinates
• Getting GPS coordinates from tablets
• Personalizing maps
• Adding locations
• Collaborating in maps

Students and Trainers

Nayah Solutions and MobileSenegal will train six computer science students from the University of Ziguinchor to train and mentor 15 students and three staff members from the Aline sitéo Diatta middle school in Oussouye, Senegal.

Program Implementation

USAID/EPQ Senegal provides on-the-ground support for mobilizing the community and managing the program implementation.

Community Mobilization

  • Establish relationships and terms of engagement with local middle/high schools and university
  • Gather parents together to talk about the program
  • Discuss the program with the local education community
  • Promote the program through media coverage (such as news articles, local radio station broadcasts, and so on)

Program Management
Track progress and provide on-the-ground support for trainers, mentors, and students.

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