Teach your child critical thinking skills

Before you write computer code, you must know what you want your code to do. Figuring out the necessary instructions for the code requires analytical or critical thinking. Nayah Solutions believes critical thinking is the foundation of how to approach computer programming. Before your child takes her first coding class, make sure you give her the tools to think analytically through problems. Here are some activities, worksheets, and articles to help your child develop and excel in critical thinking.


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How to nurture your child’s interest in the natural world
Several experiments you can conduct with your child to stimulate critical thinking.

Critical Thinking Activities for Kids
Activities that encourage critical thinking for the classroom or individual child.

81 Fresh & Fun Critical-Thinking Activities
81 activities that stimulate critical thinking in children.

Using Critical Thinking Exercises to Develop Higher Order Thinking in Preschoolers and Kindergarteners
Critical thinking exercises and activities to help children learn how to analyze problems.

Critical thinking activities
25 critical thinking activities for children.


The Thinking Alphabet
Frances Goldstein Rotkopf
November 2, 2009 · Xlibris Corporation
$The strategies and techniques found in the book help children to logically analyze various comprehension skills.

Brain Sizzlers: Puzzles for Critical Thinkers
Celia Baron · December 1, 2007 · Good Year Books
$81 mental challenges of pure logic, mathematics, visualization (pictures), and spatiality (space).

10 Critical Thinking Card Games (Paperback)
Elaine Richard · Scholastic Teaching Resources
$Games that develop students’ critical thinking and reasoning skills to help them become better readers.

Building Critical Thinking Skills (Verbal/Figural/Visual/Auditory/Cognitive Skills)
$Critical Thinking Company · 2006 · Paperback
A series of books that teach critical thinking skills in several key areas.


Free Critical Thinking Worksheets – Teach-nology
17 free critical thinking worksheets.


Education World: Work Sheet Library: Critical Thinking
More than 100 ready-to-print student worksheets for critical thinking organized by grade level.

Critical Thinking Worksheets
Worksheets that encourage critical thinking for the classroom or individual child.


How to Teach Critical Thinking Skills to Young Children
A free guide on how to teach young children how to embrace critical thinking.

Turning the tables to help kids learn math and science
Want to help your kids learn math and science? Ask them to explain what they are learning in their own words.

Teaching critical thinking:An evidence-based guide
Research suggests that explicit instruction in critical thinking may make kids smarter, more independent, and more creative.


Debate lessons improve critical thinking skills
Experiments suggest that students are more likely to master a topic when they are forced to explain it to another person.

Critical thinking in children: Are we teaching our kids to be dumb?
We often train our kids to think in fallacious or illogical ways.

1000+ ideas about Critical Thinking Activities on Pinterest
Thousands of Pinterest images that contain various types of information about critical thinking.

Critical Thinking: How to Grow Your Child’s Mind
5 Ways to Help Kids Think Critically.

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