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The Future Belongs To Us All

Anthony (Kbear!) Nichols (Principal Contributor) is a fan, enthusiast, and appreciator of sci-fi, comic books, and fantasy film and TV. As an everyman I enjoy watching and dissecting the work these creative men and women have birthed. Unfortunately I don’t have the ability to create their fantastical worlds, but I can celebrate their achievements and share them with others. When I’m not enjoying others works, I earn a living working in higher education in the badlands known as Texas. If you would like to discuss anything I’ve written or hip me to something you think is worthwhile, contact me at Thanks for visiting our site.

Omar J. Todd is a writer and artist who spends his days and nights running around a hospital and watching his son, who maybe the cutest baby the world has ever seen.  He studied art and creative writing at Kendall College of Art and Design. On the weekends he summons demons just for a good fist fight.  He’s also an avid reader of comics and novels. Omar is here to share and educate the masses about all things geeky and in the zeitgeist of pop culture. Contact Omar at

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