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To alleviate all fears and anxieties, let’s start here – it was a good flick! Startlingly self-aware and fun, it stretches the superhero genre, taking it to new meta heights, in only the way Marvel can. The repercussions of having Spidey in the cinematic universe are yet to be seen, but being Marvel’s flagship character I’m sure they are very excited it’s done well.

Spider-Man is proof of concept for a much larger Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is a giant plus for Marvel. There were a lot of villains, but it didn’t feel clunky. Cameos only added to the overall feel of the movie. Maybe one day we can see the X-Men and Fantastic 4 playing in the same universe as the Avengers and the rest of the MCU.


The film starts with a flash back to the aftermath of the battle of New York and Adrian Tombs crew cleaning up remnants of the failed Chitauri invasion in the original Avengers. It was great to see a different approach, and that there was no Uncle Ben Death scene. There wasn’t even a mention of Ben though, which I’m conflicted about. On the one hand, that moment has been done to death on screen; almost as much as Bruce Wayne losing his parents. On the other hand, Uncle Ben’s death lends to the character of Spider-Man pathos. Even though he has dealt with a great tragedy, he’s still a wise-cracking kid who puts on a mask and fights the bad guys.  Also, thankfully there is no mention of Norman or Harry Osborn, the Daily Bugle, or Gwen Stacey. They’ve been done enough and this fresh take is entertaining.

Don’t get it twisted though, each scene in the movie is stuffed full of Easter eggs, that encompass Spider-Man’s 55 year history of characters that have made appearances, and events that have happened in the MCU. In this movie Marvel introduces Scorpion, and Damage Control. Also Donald Glover’s cameo eludes to Miles Morales! Along with the Captain America PSA’s, this gives a sense of scope to the ever expanding MCU.

Michael Keaton is the perfect villain. In every scene he’s in, he fills the screen with menace. Tom Holland is marvelous as Peter Parker, and his relationship with his best friend Ned, is particularly fun. Instead of the older Spidey, movie go-er’s get to see Holland’s version of the character as a young high schooler, similar to Marvel’s Ultimate Comics line made popular by the awesome Brian Michael Bendis.  Hopefully the success of this franchise will pave the way for more studios to want to play nice with Marvel and Disney. You know, until the ultimate downfall of the superhero genre, which detractors have been predicting since the original Sam Rami Spider-Man.


‘Spider-Man Homecoming’ is a great summer movie that the whole family will enjoy. Filled with a John Hughes-esque teenage drama-day feel. However, I did take issue with some things in the film: Like why is Aunt May so young?  I really like Marisa Tomei, I think she’s a really talented actress.  Most fans are used to a more geriatric Aunt May.  Also side stepping Uncle Ben is a really interesting choice. Where is the Spidey sense? Perhaps they will further elaborate on Spider-Man’s power set later, although the MCU doesn’t seem to ever go into detail about their characters powers.  Ironman’s role could’ve been cut down, Tony Stark being solely responsible for every event in the MCU is annoying and takes away from how smart Peter Parker is.


As a person of color, my hopes are that eventually they bring in Miles Morales. In the comics he became the Ultimate Spider-Man after Peter Parker’s death. It means so much to me as a comic fan that Miles Morales was created. It says a lot about how far creators and fans have come. Even without the addition of Miles Morales, this version of Spiderman is still worth every minute!

Omar Todd

Omar Todd

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Omar Todd
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