As promised, here is Part 2 of our riveting interview with Brandon M. Easton!  

Brandon M. Easton is a prolific comic book author and screenwriter. His name graces such comic works as, ‘Andre The Giant‘, ‘Roboy‘, ‘Arkanium‘, and ‘Transformers Deviations‘ just to name a few. His television credits include, a 2017 ‘Thundercats‘ episode, and teleplays for the hit TV series, ‘Agent Carter‘. Brandon also recently received a Glyph Comics Award, for Best Male Character, in recognition of his work on the M.A.S.K. comic book series. Join us as we talk about his very focused and determined journey.

Stay up to date with Brandon by visiting:
Twitter: @BrandonEaston
Facebook: Brandon Easton
Instagram: BrandonEastonWriter

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Stacie Brudenell | Managing Editor

Stacie Brudenell | Managing Editor

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Stacie Brudenell | Managing Editor

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